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  1. Lol I like that one. They have the technology to degrade the quality of video to mimic earths 30+ year old technology…….but not the technology to just block it all together.
  2. Why is every video evidence of aliens, Loch Ness, Sasquatch, yeti STILL all filmed in crap video quality when everyone is carrying an HD camera with them at all times? Apparently aliens are attracted to English speaking people carrying around Kodachromes.
  3. Swimming with crocs, isn’t that how all teenage Australian boys try to impress girls? I just assumed it was this or jumping on backs of great whites.
  4. You are missing out, don’t close your mind too quickly. The HDM Rio Secco and Trini Topes are some of the best cigars in production the last 2 years.
  5. The D4 and RASS are simply no brainers, they’ve been on another planet. Yes CORO have been good but they are always good. For me it’s the Epi 2 is that 3rd, just edging out the Ex4. A cigar that was once extinct has now become a weekly staple.
  6. The new Isabella Line of Brock Landers (7x70) and the Dirk Diggler (8x80) are sure to please your significant other this Christmas. Order yours today while supplies last.
  7. Some absolutely stunning photos in this slide show. The WW2 ones were incredible, Easy Company on Eagles Nest, and you have to hand it to those Nazis, they knew how to throw a rally. The scale shown makes the videos look small.
  8. It’s actually a brilliant design, it takes the smoke from your cigar and blows it in your face.
  9. That’s interesting, I’ve always found that Cubans ash is much more gnarled white and black vs a Nicaraguan/Padron that tend to be much whiter and flakier.
  10. Love a good Cognac, these are my two drinkers that go to for pairing with a cigar
  11. I seem to be missing the response. Well do you or don’t you already?

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