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  1. Recent JL2s have been delivering flavors that I can’t describe. Unlike any other Cuban in my collection. It’s somewhere between fruity and floral, and neither of those are correct. Either way I’ve been enjoying my last 2 boxes quite a bit.
  2. R&J Churchill. I’ve just got into a holy grail box that’s absolute fire.
  3. What kind of dog? Pretty sure most fish species are smarter than my dogs.
  4. 2020 for me, no contest. You “could” have a great 2015 box, you “could” have a bad 2020 box. The odds favor the 20s greatly. IMO
  5. Try buying it dinner, put on some music and light some candles, give it a massage. Heard that works.
  6. Monte 2 - TUE Jul20 Trinidad Topes - TLU ABR 20 RJ Churchill - GEL ENE 20 HDM Rio Secco - SOR FEB 20 Partagas Lusitania - SOU FEB 20
  7. Excellent question, I too would like to know this answer
  8. No singles trays here, I keep them in the boxes, if there’s only a few left I may consolidate a few boxes together but than I make a point to move those up in my rotation to clear them out.
  9. I’ve got 3 boxes of pale BRCs that I try not to think about. Unfortunately I’ve burned through all of my good ones, and I’m refusing to buy more out of fear of adding to this dreaded pile. These are all 19s and 20s
  10. I knew the mountain of empty boxes I don’t throw away would pay off someday. Now I can tell my wife that it will be me that has the last laugh.

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