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  1. Ive been over served by, let’s say, 3 drinks @Islandboy and this is resonating perfectly with me right now.
  2. Just fixing Robs thread. Should have been “ever”. Surprised @JohnS didn’t rename it already.
  3. Agree. @FrancisK7 can you not request moving that up? At least early on Pfizer and Moderna were both pretty strict about the time between shots.
  4. Lol internet folk. In my opinion, as the OP requested from us, Kilts are best left for Scotsman, and people forging historical swords by hand in their back yard.
  5. Plenty of poor souls get made fun, teased, laughed at, or profiled for things they can’t control. This one will be all your own fault and completely avoidable. My advice is get some comfortable pants or shorts for whatever utility you are doing. Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

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