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  1. Coloniales have been awesome! I’m cruising through a box right now, still got one more box behind it but honestly i keep thinking I should buy more of these. Glad you seeing the same!
  2. Agree on robustos but have also had great fortune with Corona Gordas performing well the last year plus. Would love to see @Elpresidente and Ken give that size a shot at the video reviews, so many good cigars to choose from. JL1, HDM E1, PP, Sig IV, Mag46
  3. 2:38am and I’m nodding my head in agreement. Unfortunately I’m up early, wish I could sleep more than 4-5 hours it sounds lovely.
  4. Almost all the pyramids are crushing right now. Cant have enough Monte 2s, Upmann 2s, BBFs and P2s in my inventory right now. In that order for me right now but the spread is tight!
  5. Agree with you here. I’m a huge Upmann fan and I tried to like these but just can’t. Wish the HUPC still existed those were lovely.
  6. Score. Fundies. What a great day this ended up being.
  7. I’ll be curious to see the results. For me, I don’t buy tubos. Not saying I wouldn’t, just always felt they were overpriced and take up too much room in my cabinet.
  8. Yummmmmm. A, yes please. If B were more rosado than maybe, but as it is, A all the way.
  9. I think all are 2 dose vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna are 2 full doses, cost more and require stricter storage conditions, Pfizer’s requires -70 C or something bonkers. AZ is cheaper and lives longer under refrigeration which is key for 3rd world/emerging countries.

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