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  1. I can’t stop laughing. Robs reaction, “oh he’s in his underwear!” Bravo gents, bravo. Simon Chase would have been proud. 😂😂😂
  2. Sure hope they are real cause they look gorgeous
  3. Try swapping the activity of each with the other. Neither work well
  4. Lots of JL love already and I agree there. Lusitanias also never fail.
  5. Gen Xer here. Are Boomers still smoking cigars?
  6. 🙄 FOH - Friends of Havanastonishing-Time
  7. I bought Ethereum at $3400, that looks like a bad trade right now. We all know how values work, how many investments have we all made or passed on that we regret? You make an educated decision and live with the consequences. Any buy or sell or trade I make is my responsibility. I’m never gonna tell Rob, “NO ROB, those Monte 2s at $425 are TOO cheap, I want to pay $500 as that’s what they’ll cost in 2 years.” Give me a break, this guy must be a millennial, feeling entitled to the best deal for him.
  8. Jello - anyone hard to nail down or get a straight answer from. Most of my customers are Jello
  9. I was in the Bahamas recently, only once was I gonna have time to smoke a long cigar (golfing) and for that I brought a RAG which was spectacular. Every day in the afternoon taking a break from the pool/beach and at night after everyone was tucked into bed I’d sneak out for 20-30 min to have a Party Short and Kalik Bahamian Beer. I never felt I needed anything more, the Shorts ticked all the boxes necessary for an enjoyable experience.
  10. This is me. Based on the options listed, many people must be missing the plot but to each his own. For me, I’m searching for the feelings of satisfaction vs checking a list of notes. I mentally keep my cigars in 4 categories. Nicotine fixes (Party Short, M4, BPC), Daily Smokers, Big Smokes and Treats. Sometimes I feel like a treat, but my daily smokers (Monte 2, P2, Mag 46, BBF, Mag 50, D4, RASS, Coloniales) to me are just as enjoyable as most of my treat sticks (Trinidad Esmeralda/Topes, Cohiba Sig 3/4 and Robusto). My Nicotine Fixes are those 30 min pairing with an afternoon coffee, but my favorite cigar experiences are usually my Big Smokes paired with an activity, golfing, fishing, watching a major championship, and that’s when I smoke my Lusis, RAGs, Sir Winnies, HDM DC, RJC.
  11. I can’t speak to why, smarter people than me will likely give some very thorough and technical answers. I can only say that with all the aged examples of cigars I’ve had (mostly CC), the best by far were 12 year old Opus X A and a Fuente Fuente. It was so much different from the typical overbearing and biting profile of a young Opus. It was almost sweet, extremely smooth, and playful like a 20 year old Bordeaux.
  12. I have many, but it’s gotta be pizza. NY style with a thin chewy crust, high quality cheese and greasy pepperoni.
  13. There’s way too much money and cash on hand for a crash. That’s the huge difference between now and 2008 as capital reserves had been slowly drying up over a 4-5 year spell and then paired with horrible investments being made by the average Joe. If we see a crash it’ll be 3-4 years from now. Clearly a correction is necessary in all things, not just luxury goods, basic goods and value of money has taken a 15% hit across the board. To me this feels like 2005ish when some previous huge gains started stagnating.
  14. Lusis are the quintessential habano with that undefinable twang. It’s not a hyper car like an esplendido, it’s more like a Porsche. Much easier to drive, still fast AF, and half the cost. I’m always nervous I don’t have enough of these. Pillows of rich sweet/spicy/twangy smoke with hints of coffee and croissant. They always perform. Of the DCs, its these number 1 with RAGs less than a boat length behind., followed by HDM then Punch. While I love HDM and Punch DCs they fall way short of consistency and fullness of flavor.
  15. Terrible news. Feel awful for his family of course, but also Dave G, he’s dealt with a lot of this.
  16. “He insulted his wife” ”She has a disease” ”There’s history with their marriage” Yada yada yada. He acted like an absolute buffoon and disgraced himself on national tv and his family on a night that was supposed to be his triumph. Don’t care if he’s black or white or Asian, he hit a comedian half his size who had his hands behind his back and then gave the lamest excuse in his speech. Punk. Hollywood hypocrites better cancel him, or their future whinging will have zero leg to stand on. He could have verbally destroyed Rock in his speech, and Rock would have been the villain. Instead he laughed and THEN resorted to violence. Rock is being applauded for his professionalism and Will is now a meme. He failed miserably and was lucky he didn’t get escorted out by security right on the spot. Had I been in charge I’d had his ass thrown from the building. RIP Will Smiths career.

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