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  1. I got a PSP box from the same code here... they are great!
  2. I have three of these BHK (52, 54, 56) sample boxes. Once I smoke a box of these, I can think of no better dry box to try out.... The small cedar spacer (shown below) is easily removed. And this should easily hold virtually any sized cigar.
  3. Thanks for the advise. I ended up purchasing a Zarges Aluminum Eurobox 40705 (Inside Dimensions (Wall to Wall): 29.5 x 21.7 x 15.0"). I like the look of it, and for it's size and quality it seemed like a good fit for what I want... I've done quite a bit of reading on cooler humidors, and I was wondering how many of you go to the trouble of lining them in spanish cedar vs going out and filling it with lots of boxes of cigars. Since it's a relatively large container, and I won't have a lot of cigars at first, I was thinking I might be best off lining it in cedar or at least putting in a cedar floor. I also plan on using a pound of hearfelt industries beads to help regulate the humidity. Given than I am in a northern / relatively dry climate do you think I should go with the 70% RH or 65% RH beads? Thanks for the warm welcomes, and advice so far.
  4. Hello, Finally stumbled upon this site after watching 20+ videos on youtube... I'm relatively new to cigar smoking, and have found the youtube channel to contain invaluable information. I just started receiving my first cuban cigar shipments a few weeks ago and my Liebherr XS200 humidor is already full... It seems to be a great humidor (holding temp and humidity perfectly), but it's just not big enough for the amount of boxes I would like to start aging. So far I have a 2 boxes of AST SEP 2009 Monty #4's, a pack of Cohiba Siglo II Tubos 3'S x 5 packs PLM OCT06, a pack of Partagas Serie P No.2 Tubos - 3'S x 5 packs (OCT 11), a couple 3 packs of the Cohiba Behike (52, 54, 56) - 2010, a box of 10 of Cohiba Siglo VI, a box of 10 Cohiba Maduro-5 Secretos, a box of 10 Romeo y Julietta short churchills, and a box of 10 cuaba distinguidos. I'm excited sample these over the next few months, and then let the nicer ones age for a while. I would love to start purchasing from, as from your youtube channel you are among the best in the biz and would love to help support this community. I'm thinking about buying a box of Monty #2's and a Robusto Sampler, and if anyone has some picks they think I should add to my order I would love to hear them... Also, I've started doing research on either building or buying a larger humidor that can support a larger amount of cigars. I've looked at and read reviews of the Monolith 1200c, but I worry about the small capacity of H2O reservoir and quality (made in China). I have a basement that's temp stays around 62-68 degrees F year round, so I think I just need something that holds humidity should be all I need as I don't think the temperature will be problematic. Minnesota is a northern climate so it get's incredibly dry in the winters, so I need something that can manage to keep the humidity levels high enough. Since I have the Liebherr XS200 I can keep my more prized cigars in there, but any recommendations on a humidor that can hold at least 800 cigars would be appreciated...

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