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  1. I have had cases with them as well. Classic name...
  2. Things can change. I bought Patriots season tickets when they were coming off a 4-12 season...and Warriors tickets when they had lost 50 games the year before. Its worked out OK
  3. My folks have a winter place in Naples on the road to Marco so we are out there every year. Tigertail beach is a lot of fun. Pay lot and a pretty good snack bar. Walk across the lagoon and cross to the other side of the island and you are on the Gulf beach which is very nice for swimming, walking, shelling, etc. Joeys Pizza is pretty good, Michel Bobs Ribs is great. They have a takeout on Marco and the main restaurant is in Naples. There is a fun mini golf course on Marco. Goodland is lots of fun as is Everglade City which is a short drive and a good place to get stone crab. Couple good restaurants as well. You can do airboat tours out of Everglade city as well. Have fun!
  4. I have kids too. The credit card version is terrible. Original is much better
  5. I'd go with a Punch Punch. Great smokes and pretty reasonably priced
  6. I really like the Regios which are smokeable pretty much right of the truck. I like the Serie A, but not as much as the Regios. I like the DC very much but they require a lot of downtime. I find all to have the floral notes some have mentioned, particularly the Regios. It did take me awhile to appreciate the SLR, but one of my favs now
  7. You want Sancho Panzo. Notorious for the salty flavor. Belicosos are very good, I also like the Non Plus. Very unique cigars in my experience
  8. This is my experience as well. I would not want my family to be in a position where the insurance company is denying the claim due to fraud
  9. I've been a lawyer for 20 years. Went out on my own 8 years ago and its been great. Now have 3 other lawyers who work for me. Its very lucrative but its really like any other small business. I do the human resources, tech support, billing etc. Fortunate to have a good crew and pay them well and have perks like Warriors tickets to keep them happy. Worst part is worrying about clients and getting over stressed when facing multiple trials, etc at same time. I worked for big firms before I went out on my own and I doubt I could go back to it...probably retire before that happened! I smoke mostly at night in my cave while relaxing
  10. I had the same problem a couple weeks ago with a couple of wrappers splitting length wise and another falling apart around the cut. I have an aristocrat as well with the active humidification but not the temp control. I kicked the humidity up a bit and it seems to have resolved. I definitely prefer my cigars on the dry side but conditions this winter in Northern California seem to have dried out my humidor a bit. Good luck resolving your issue!
  11. I'm a big pats fan and a former season ticket holder but the best team i ever saw was the '85 bears
  12. About -17f on the porch of the rental after a day skiing at Grand Targhee in Wyoming. We ski and I smoke so its not that uncommon for me to be outdoors in the cold. Some cigars certainly take the cold better than others. Party shorts are a standout in cold conditions.
  13. Warriors season ticket holder. Opening tonight vs Spurs, cant say I'm too excited. The season starts too early and goes too long IMHO, especially if your team plays into June... Not complaining but its a long season. Warriors-Cavs final for the trilogy. Dubs in 6. Lillard wins the MVP. Green finally gets the Defensive Player of the Year.
  14. Love the major tournaments. Like Poland as well. Thursday should be great. Also watching the Copa America tourney where there have been a ton of upsets including Brazil and Uruguay out at the group stage. Our boys love them as well. They follow the games, have the sticker books, make flags, etc. Great fun
  15. I find the 898's to be very similar and would suggest those. They are in production and frequently available from our host. Or smoke 2!

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