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  1. Riding the bike to the local store and buying candy for next to nothing without supervision. Grandma's house on the weekend to eat an old school home cooked Lebanese meal Getting together with family. Cousins getting together and spend the whole day in the national forest, at the back of the house, climbing trees and exploring. Watching VHS repeats of 80's and 90's hits ( Terminator, National Lampoons, Blazing Saddles, recorded Chicago Bulls games when Jordan was in his prime ) The good old days.
  2. Just worked out the Aussie taxes on that abomination of a cigar (Gran Habano) are $426,463.92 As for the rest of that list I say that all the Aussie billionaires can keep and enjoy all of the cigars listed.
  3. Just got back from a long weekend in the North Island of New Zealand. Been on a bit of a bender with the Japanese whiskies as they have become more available. Found these in NZ duty free but not in Aussie duty free stores. Go figure.
  4. Looks good to me. Light one up, enjoy and welcome to FOH.
  5. I have looked at my box of BHK56 and IMO everything looks good so far. Maybe post a clearer picture of the bands all around as the box may have been reused. That isn't the correct cedar sheet covering the cigars but the factory might have run out and put a BHK52 sheet in instead.
  6. For where to smoke: RA Lounge (in the rear of Collins quarter). Address: 88 Collins Street, Melbourne Siglo/Supper Club (top level of the European). Address: 161 Spring Street, Melbourne Tuscan Bar (rooftop smoking area). Address: 79 Bourke Street, Melbourne I have only been to the RA Lounge and that is where the Melbourne guys usually meet up every month. Yering Station in the Yarra Valley is a nice place. I have been there 3 times, the food has always been good, i enjoy their wine and they have a great balcony area with a beautiful view to enjoy a nice cigar at the end of your meal. H
  7. Over a million for that. I have to get into truffle hunting. Imagine the cigar collection I could build with that.
  8. Yes I have pitched bad cigars. I agree with the OP why struggle with a terrible cigar. I will always give a cigar a chance but if after 20 mins of trying different approaches (slowing time between puffs to cool the cigar, purging and burning of any tar) I will toss it if it doesn't improve.

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