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  1. I love the first gen X5's but that might not be a good purchase. I've seen BMW's go up to 300k miles easily but it all depends how it was maintained. You could be buying one that was well maintained and will have 0 problems but it could also be a nightmare. And most likely it'll be the latter. I would look into a toyota or even a honda pilot. My 2000 Acura TL has 185k+ miles now and it still runs pretty well but it's been well maintained. Japanese cars are more reliable overall so it'll be a better bet.
  2. For a 10 ct box of Sig VI you can only age them so much. I started with a 10ct as well and it ended up lasting me maybe 2 years max because I kept smoking them. I would buy a 25 ct box to age while you sample from the 10 ct box every 6 months or so. They are great cigars ROTT, just make sure they're not over humidified. I can't tell you how they smoke with 5 years as I'm still aging them myself, but I do agree with the others, the BTO 13's are amazing. I have a box stashed away as well as BTO 13 lanceros so I'll see how they smoke after 5 years.
  3. I never thought CC's would be legal in the US but now I can definitely see it happening in the future. If it did though, I'm ordering as many cigars as I can before price jump/decrease in quality or taste. It's funny though there is some truth to the article. When I used to smoke at B&M's a lot of the folks I talked to actually had no interest in smoking CC's. Most said they've tried them in the past and weren't as good as NC's. (probably tried a glass top box on vacation)
  4. I have a variety of boxes and singles (EL's, RE's, D/C'ed boxes, reg productions) that I'm aging. I have a bad habit of buying something and leaving it untouched for years and cigars are no different. I wish I could be like some of you guys and just smoke whatever I want but something always holds me back. I really hope I could smoke everything I have eventually but we'll see.
  5. I'm surprised at how many S2k owners are on here. I miss my 04 NFR AP2 a lot and still consider it the most fun car I've driven...even over my M3. Heck, I even debated getting another s2k over my M3...maybe we will meet again in the future.
  6. Well, I guess everything was already answered. I ran into the exact same scenario when I first started smoking cigars. My wineador fan was always on because my ambient temp was 95 and I wanted the temp set at 65. I would never get a steady RH reading so I ended up over humidifying the crap out of my cigars. Since then I've moved on to an air tight container which is similar to a cooler. I realized that once I freeze my cigars, I don't have to worry what temp my cigars are in. I made sure that the RH was 63-65 and now they smoke wonderfully. Unplug your unit and see what kind of RH reading you get. I'm willing to bet it's way too high. Remove all humidification devices and just let the sticks sit and they seem to be good now.
  7. I have a box of BTO 13's aging. I'm sure they are spectacular but I just can't bring myself to smoke one and break up the perfect box...
  8. I'm very surprised to see so many RA Extras on the list. They have been pretty disappointing IMO and last I remember most people seemed to agree. Not a huge fan of EL's but some of the memorable ones I've smoked were 04 RyJ hermoso #2 and Monte 520. I will try another 1966 soon but the couple I've had were pretty underwhelming.
  9. The LCdH in cancun had a few left at $100 a pop…I'm a big Cohiba nut and never tried a sublime but still couldn't stomach $100/stick price tag...
  10. I love fun to drive cars and verts…what can be better than a 6MT V8 M3 vert?
  11. So I smoked a PLP the other night during my lunch break at work. Only had enough time to finish a little more than half but I didn't feel so bad tossing it since it cost so little. As for the cigar, is it the best tasting cigar I've had? Definitely not. Is it the worst I've had? Definitely not. Is it the best cigar I've had for the price? Absolutely! I was actually pleasantly surprised at how the cigar smoked. It wasn't very flavorful but it reminded me of the PLPC and enjoyable for a cigar that's so cheap. I understand these are short filler but the ash held on and the draw was pretty spot on…I've definitely had worse construction on more higher end cigars. These are excellent yard-gars or just a cheap quick smoke that you won't feel bad about if you have to toss in the middle. I also give out cigars to some of my buddies who smoke once in a while and these are perfect for sharing. I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a decent cigar at a very low cost.
  12. Never actually "smoked through a box" before until I got my box of Hoyo Palmas Extras. I've been sharing them with my buddies who just got into smoking cigars so they depleted way too fast. Have some back up coming in the mail but I'm not sure if it'll arrive fast enough. For the price and the taste these are the best bang for buck cigar I've ever bought in my cigar smoking career.
  13. Great review. I've only had 1 punch churchill, although it wasn't 10 years old, it was still pleasant. I don't know why I don't have more of these in my stash.
  14. I have a box from '12 I believe. Smoked a few, wasn't feeling it, traded away a couple. Have about 4 left and I think I'll just let them sit for a while. Overall a huge disappointment, IMO LGC is meant to be <42 RG, not a 54 RG like its NC counterpart. Give me LGC MdO 1's all day any day.
  15. I think the skinnier cigars in DB's suffer from this more. Lonsdales, Laguito 1's, etc. Personally I am not a fan of the box pressed cigars, but sometimes that's the only way it comes so I have no choice. Although I suppose if they are not square enough for your taste you could always add more "press" to them by putting some cider blocks on top.
  16. Just ordered a box of these as well as the PLP's. Let's see how they turn out…excited!
  17. I'm still split on these. I don't think I've experienced the true colors of the RASCC yet. I've smoked 7 out of my box so far and none have been particularly "on". They weren't bad but they weren't great either. I think I've been smoking one every 3-6 months and they haven't changed much. For me, Party shorts are much more consistent and have always been good. I'll keep smoking one every few months and observe…definitely don't want to give up on them yet.
  18. Ever since I bought a box of Palmas extras, that's all I've been smoking. The crazy thing is, these are smoking better than some of my much older more expensive sticks. And I've been giving out a lot as well and I don't feel as bad because they're not too pricey.
  19. One of the best series in a long time. I still can't tell who'll take the crown…but hopefully it goes to game 7!
  20. I bought a cab of Party shorts a while back but haven't tried them. For me, the fact that you get round cigars in a cab vs flat cigars in a box is enough reason to go cab, even at a slightly higher price. Unless space is an issue, I'd grab the cab if available.
  21. Give the HdM palmas extras a shot. It took about a week to settle, but once it did it kept getting better week after week. You can't go wrong with Party shorts though, probably the most consistent cigar I've smoked box after box.
  22. Just wanted to give an update. So I ended up killing this box in about a month which is the fastest for me and I want to retract my original post. These have been amazing! It was the weirdest thing, they got better one after another and now I'm down to just 3 left. I've been sharing it a lot as well and everyone I've shared it with loved it. I'm about to order 2 more boxes of these and maybe a box of PL MC's as well. I think I've found Cuba's best hidden secret, the C&C's! I have cigars that are 10x more expensive but certainly don't smoke 10x better. Highly recommend these to anyone that's interested, give them a week of rest and they'll be smoking wonderfully.
  23. Cohiba is my favorite marca so Coro for me by far. Problem is that it costs almost twice as much as other robustos. However, to me they are worth the extra price of admission, although I don't smoke it too frequently.
  24. At least in my experience, the smaller cigars usually has a higher success rate. I've smoked through a few boxes of Party shorts and Monte 5's, and every one of them has been consistent. Besides that, every box has at least a couple sticks that don't meet expectations.
  25. Another update. I let it sit in the freezer for about 5 days and smoked another one today with a buddy. It smoked like a totally different cigar and it was actually very enjoyable (we both agreed). I might have rushed the first two that I smoked so it might not have been as good. I'll smoke more and decide if I should get another box. If they smoke anything like they did tonight, probably the best bang for buck cigar you can get coming out of Cuba right now.

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