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  1. I want to all these countries last year, very nice selections in all of them! Andorra is cheap as chips, as is Spain, both have a great selection. I found the guys that ran the cigar stores in Rome to be the most helpful and knoweledgable about their own selection. the guy i was chatting with knew every box in the massive walk-in, right down the month and year. but in terms of the best cigar shopping experience, you cant beat Berlin. all the LCDH's across Europe are nice, very good selection good prices, they are all pretty equal, and then you go to a cigar shop in Berlin and you are in a different world. everything leather, mahogony, jazz, smoke, the guys that work there in sharp suits but with sharper manners. the other shops i went to around Gemany, Bremen, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, were the same.
  2. The reason I dont think I'll ever give up the cigars is because the community that comes along with our hobby is so great. naaaaaw
  3. agree with those that have suggested the Ideales, I did a bit of a smoking tour of Europe last year, and the ideales was by far the best, closely followed by the PL Short robusto from Italy. I went to this shop, was very helpful. also found an NC regional, didnt think they existed. a Nicaraguan called 'Caruntumi' Germany has some of the best cigar lounges ive been two. best bet would be to throw some money your mates way and say "Get me anything that says Alemania" there were cigars in Prague, but i didnt see any regionals, just your normal ones. good luck with the hunt. i found most LCDH's were pretty good if you dropped em an email, say when you or your friend are coming, what did they have in stock and how much
  4. Given what has been going on in Sydney with foreign property investors, my worry is that removing NG would mean less locals can invest in property, which would open up the market to heaps of forgein investment. There is alot of bias in my view too though, but as a first time property investor rather than buyer
  5. agree with this, the smell at first is...intriguing.
  6. +whatevernumberweareupto for a badger bursh. i started out with a synthetic from the body shop, my wife got me a badger brush a few months ago (Edwin Jager), it is the shiz. i used the synthetic brush a week ago to compare, it was like trying to get a lather with a shovel. badger all the way
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't abolishing negative gearing mean less people can afford to buy investment properties, and lead to a real estate slump, and even more people relying on the shakey super industry?
  8. what an experience mate! When I'm rich, will you be my personal roller? cos that cigar looks the goods
  9. I always thought the saying was 'for all intensive purposes'. there you go hey
  10. I've only ever been for a walk once with a smoke, and it did ruin it a bit. was along the beach in Sicily (can think of worse places to walk and have a cigar ruined), i much prefer to sit in one place and watch the world go by.
  11. Every time i read the word 'rum' i got a bit more excited, so excitment levels now at 132.65%

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