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  1. Perhaps you could get confirmation that the Montecristo Petit Edmundo is just a shortened Edmundo? Someone on a different forum posted pictures of a factory worker cutting Edmundos down to size.
  2. Just smoked a ABR 07 RASS out of a cab last night. Seemed noticably younger and harsher than my JUN 07 RASS from a dress box.
  3. thanks guys! yup, turning 27...it's great being a part of this community.
  4. I've tried all sorts of tools to try and open up draws. None really work. The drill bit doesn't work for me since all it does is leave a ton of powdered tobacco in the cigar that gets inhaled. Not a fun time.
  5. Yea he's an *******. But I don't care what religion he is or isn't. He stole money from people and that's wrong no matter what you believe. No reason he should be out on bail now anyways with his current actions.
  6. Here's an unofficial list. 11-25 are not confirmed yet since they will not be released until Monday, but this list is floating around on some of the other forums. 25. Alec Bradley Tempus 24. Savinelli Special Selection 2005 23. Hoyo de Monterrey - Hoyo de Tradicion 22. Bolivar Habana - Size? 21. El Rey del Mundo - Size? 20. Mi Dominicana 19. San Cristobal de la Habana - Size? 18. XiKAR Defiance 17. Carlos Torano Casa Torano Maduro 16. Black Pearl Torp 15. Rocky Patel Decade Torp 14. La Aurora Barrel Aged Torp 13. Cabaiguan Guapo 12. Oliva Serie V (maduro?) 11. Juan Lopez Hab

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