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  1. Another thought and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Smoking a discontinued cigar that you know you'll never be able to buy again is just a different experience than smoking a easy to get, regular production cigar. I wouldn't say it's for the better either.
  2. I say keep buying the unpopular vitolas/brands , probably won't help but at least I can try. They really cut the Bolivar lineup with this. How long until it's a one or two cigar brand? I understand it's about making money but I'm done with regional cigars. The last few years have all been out of my price range. The price of this year's Diplomaticos compared to the PCC releases of even 3-5 years ago is evident that they are pricing themselves out of my market.
  3. I saw a picture of a father by the side of a dead body with a doll that I can only assume is his daughter. My depest sympathies to him. There is nothing worse in this world than the thought of burying your child.
  4. Getting the Landcruiser ready for some off the beaten path fun tomorrow. Having a 2011 Magicos. Not a bad cigar, enjoyed it more at the 3 year mark, last one of the box though which is always a bit sad. Edit to add the Landcruiser does not have teeth for a radiator.
  5. Personally half the fun of this hobby is watching cigars evolve with time. Samplers are a great way to go, I won't argue that. However just buying a box and trying them one at a time as they evolve is very rewarding to me. You'll find a lot of talk about consistency in cigars...can a sampler really let you know versus a box? That's up to you to decide.
  6. I get to help my sister in law move. Nobody can probably top that for the funnest way to spend their weekend.
  7. Sometimes I'll have a cigar on my lunch break. These are the only ones who when I get back to my workplace that people ask if I have been smoking. A real compliment to this cigar in my opinion.
  8. Great poll idea! Had Bolivar Gigantes tonight. Hard to describe the flavors when limited to a poll. All I know is that it was a fantastic cigar. It's hard to describe the flavors and I an excited to see what others see in this marque.
  9. My condolences. A horrible thing to happen to him and his family. Life can change in a blink of am eye.
  10. The Por Larranaga Encantos to me describe what you are looking. Great vitola and a fantastic smoke to me. Wish I had more.
  11. I've had some light colored D4's and they left a ton to be desired. They basically had no flavor.
  12. A cab of RASS. Something to put in the humidor and forget about for 3 years or so.
  13. I've really enjoyed the Bolivars. The few I've smoked had great flavor. Like most here it seems a DC is just so much cigar to smoke. Had a Lusitania on Sunday. Took most of my afternoon it seemed and left me burnt out from wanting to smoke anything else that day.

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