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  1. B for me I too, have little experience with rass but as a general rule I get more nuance from colorado wrapped cigars where the darker ones seem to have more up front power... could be my imagination tho? Can anyone do a side by side review?
  2. Cold draw is sourdough bread and cashew 1st draw- Smooth tobacco, toasted sourdough and yep, bellpepper 1st 3rd- The toasted sourdough is front and center with smooth semi sweet tobacco, bell pepper, and some sort of cooking spice coming up as the third burns on 2nd 3rd- Was that a touch of clove?! I take another pull and its gone. Much the same with more of the strange spice i cant identify. Last 3rd- The only developement is a mint note that comes in for a few puffs somewhere around the beginning of the 3rd but folds back into the toasty sourdough and tobacco. Sourcream was in my notes here as well This box started out amazing and made me a thorough believer in this stick but over the last couple years its steadily made a turn for the worse. I enjoyed the smoke but its a shadow of what I remember it was. I will get another box at some point but I'll plan on smoking through the it in the 1st 3 years. Score- 86/87
  3. Best patio defense ever (for daytime cigar smoking of course. To be fair i cant remember if this was purchased within the last year. *Screenshot, no idea how to add links*
  4. Not sure the date or the box code as this was from a 1/4 box purchase on the 24/24 Starts out a little harsh but with good flavor 1st 3rd Its neither honey nor biscuit but it reminds me exactly of the colonels kfc biscuit with butter and honey.....so honey and biscuit lol! with a lilting citrus essence in the back ground. A smooth and sweet tobacco comes in towards the end of the 3rd. 2nd 3rd The citrus has come up stronger turning into a lemon drop candy sweetness behind the tobacco. Very unique. As the 3rd ends the profile gets heavier and the lemon almost becomes spicy. Last 3rd The lemon spice finally blends into the tobacco and the cigar begins to get harsh again so i let it go out. Final thoughts I really enjoyed this more than i expected, but i still think this profile (and price) is just a change of pace for me. I'll take a bolivar or juan lopez any day over a cohiba. Cheers Chiefs 38 49ers 35
  5. Smoking in the rain 24 hrs brine 1 24lb bird and 1 10lb 6 and 5 hrs smoke time Came out perfect Hope you all had a great thanksgiving
  6. Ive tried a couple of these (a lighter wrapper tho) and they are fantastic, but almost harder to find than siglo 6 and damn near as exspensive. Great review!
  7. This has been a hecktic weekend with little time to enjoy a smoke. I was (kind of) able to fit this cigar in while catching the last half of the seahawks/ bucks game (sorry Rob) and couldnt resist the chance to get in on the christmas sampler....missed the 24:24. There are much better reviews out there on this stick if you're unfamiliar with it, but heres my take. The start is smooth with mild sweet tobaco and some complexity, great draw, and good smoke production. A light cream/ coffee flavor. Very nice 1st 3rd: Very mild with a Graham cracker sweetness to it, along with toasted tobacco. Towards the end of the 3rd the creaminess kind of takes over and impresses with each draw (not what i expected from a pepin made stick) 2nd 3rd Much the same with the sweetness turning to vanilla and at times a clove spice shows up. The flavors are balanced and are blending well. Still a light medium bodied smoke with easy but well defined flavors, all wrapped up in a creamy profile/texture. Very enjoyable! Last 3rd The family went berserk and i had lost the smoke servral times between making dinner and refereeing my boys (and wife) from killing eachother, so this last bit got lost in relight harshness. And i ended it earlier than i would have liked. But this was an impressive cigar that blew me away with the creamy profile -not how i would usually describe nicaraguan tobacco-. I think I'll need to grab some more and see if i can find time to get through an entire churchill. Easy 90-91 score
  8. Ive heard this before (almost verbatim) too, but when asked for proof they almost always dismiss cc's at some point as inferior and promote thier own. Funny how then they go on to use words like "cubanesque" and "cuban seed". I enjoy cigars from all regions and have come to find thier flavors distinctive and unique. But when all things are equal, cuban leaf is just my preference...by a long margin.
  9. 10/4 this will be good, ive a few buddies who will be stoked to see this in action, i think. Cheers!
  10. Quick question....given the privacy of this test , can we allow friends and onlookers who may be intrested to know where it'll be available? Or should we use this product away from onlookers until its live? This may be a redundant question but i already know ill be into my cups and showing off new gadgets unless im under orders, lol
  11. Cant imagine you've any left at this time, but +1 I have been meaning purchase the draw tool and glue for awhile anyway. Didn't even know you all were here on the forum. Now I most certainly will. Cheers brother and good fortunes to you guys!!
  12. I'm not saying petites are the best, necessarily, but they are the smoke I go after/ crave and enjoy the most....I believe out of all cc's and nc's. For the ratio of flavor, size, time, availability, consistency, and of course value! My vote for petite corona Think I'll light one up now!
  13. I got this box back in 2014 and purposed it to be a reward for quitting cigarettes (I mostly kicked it for a year, but, well....ongoing battle). I tossed the box out when I threw the remains in the desktop after my failure. Who likes a quitter anyway? Aroma at cold is bread and honey with a smooth tobacco note cold draw is pretty mute save for a bit of sweet tobacco with a good draw Starts out with a mild pepper, and bitter/sour note that reminds me of lemon. Not bad ....but not great either 1/3: A muted smooth tobacco with a lemony zest through the nose. Draw and smoke production are great. But the burn is going to need attention. After a touch up and an inch in, the cigar wakes up! The flavors are the same but richer and start to catch my attention. Im picking up a bit of cream and a coffee as well. Very tasty, and the flavors are balancing nicely into a complex cigar. 2/3 There is a added rich spice note almost like clove that is really going well with the lemon/citrus flavor. Very unique, I cant recall tasting these flavors before and I'm halfway through this box. I haven't been too impressed with the box actually, but if this is the evolution of this cigar, some more might get on the wishlist. Just needed a 5 year nap ($400 plus a box ought be ready sooner). 3/3 The flavors remain but are a bit harsher with a vanilla note flitting in and out. The vanilla is missing when I look for it but pops up when I'm not paying attention. Score Good change of pace cigar, but for me, perhaps not worth a whole box purchase. I'll stick with samplers going forward. I do love the size & smoke time was 1 hr 15 minutes or so I've had some good cohibas, but I've yet to smoke one that ever screamed !value! Pricey when you still work for a living. There are just other cigars that I enjoy twice as much for half the cost. Cheers and go hawks!
  14. Not sure I am allowed to publicly state my phobia these days...however it's nowhere near as great as my wife's, who's absolutly terrified by wet hair! She once was trapped in a shower for 5 minutes of screaming for me to remove a couple strands of loose hair from the floor and provide her sandals to walk in. I asked her why she just didn't step over the offense? She responded that the hair had "contaminated" the entire floor!???? Shes the only one in the house with hair that long. She also screams if someone tears cotton balls by her ear....not that I would ever. 😎
  15. And justice for all, 'one'. Is permanently lodged in my dome....probably because all the important brain cells were lost while that song was cranked up?

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