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  1. One of the great cigar / drink pairings out there for sure. Your coffee looks tasty! Cheers!
  2. Yea, but those 1st couple of years, i did pick up the mint and chocolate (so good and well developed even if it was only for 3 or 4 puffs). Hoped some time down increase that....nope, at least not in this box.
  3. Mga Nov 10 The 1st time I smoke this stick it was gifted to me and I enjoyed with a glass of cab sov with my wife. We both tasted mint and milk chocolate in the bottom of the first half. Even tho it turn to harshness after, I figured it may improve with age and bought a box to enjoy on our anniversaries. 1st puff: Overwhelming Bitterness with hints of dark chocolate and coffee. The draw is very open almost a wind tunnel. 1st half: I need to smoke this slow as to avoid the harshness that's hovering around the edges of the profile. Bitter and out of balance is really the only flavor I noticed with a little spice and pepper on the retro. I'm not noticing any mint or milk chocolate anywhere to be found. Age has not helped this cigar at all. Lol. 2nd half: More of the same, perhaps a twinge of sweetness tries to peek through on the retrohale, but then disappears back behind the terrible bitterness. There is a mineral/ chemical taste showing up and the cigar has gotten hot....I give it up here. Dont know how to score this other than to abort them from the humidor. Truly the worst smoke of the year for me.....so there is that. Bummer I've got 6 left (at least the marriage is doing well) Thanks for reading, Ben.
  4. Creamy jiff pb and honey cracker, pitas, chip, pretzel, sandwich (not certain of anything bready, that pairing cant enhance)....better than a candy bar! Peanutbutter and icecream anyone? Too far?
  5. Today I was surprised with some free time so to celebrate I figured it's a duel of my two favorite cigars: Petit Corona ETP ENE 16 Belicoso fine TEO JUN 17 My drink is Ron Zacapa 23 Faint leather and tobacco on both stick with the BF having a nutty note as well First puff: BF ....rich strong notes of smooth tobacco and leather the retro is filled with pepper and spice with a light herbal nut flavor that is just delicious and unexpected PC .... there is a sweeter note with either a sour or bitter texture that makes an overall better balance to the rich tobacco. Along with a more concentrated herbal/vegetal note. The PC is more complex while the BF is more savory. Both excellent with excellent draw and construction! 1st 3rd: BF ....the sour note like the PC starts to fill out the profile. This cigar is ultra smooth next to the PC as well. Coffee is showing up and the texture is becoming more thick and creamy. This cigar is a treat and pairs well with the rum. With toasty tobacco and leather flowed by a creamy sour flavor PC .... the sweet & sour flavor has grown into a malty flavor and the complexity is outshining the BF. The malty sweetness is impressive with tons of flavors in the retrohale (my palate isn't able to pick them out). The complexity is and balance is cigar smoking perfection. Both cigars are easily in the 90s here with the PC slightly edging the BF, what a treat!!! 2nd 3rd >Either my palate or the cigars are washing out alittle getting harder to distinguish < BF .... all big and rich savory flavor in a creamy package leather in the front with tobacco and creamed coffee in the back. The sweetness is all the way back and the smoke is on the dryer side (again rum is going well with this one) PC .... if not for this review I'd be sitting back with this cigar taking over my attention. There is a harshness developing if I dont smoke it cool and slow so. But on the right pull it's a masterful smoke that reminds me why I cant stop buying these Final 3rd: Ok so a might have a bit of a buzz 😁 BF .... while still delectable, the flavors are getting harder to distinguish a slightly sour tobacco and strong leather trying to offshoot the cigars youth. Still box worthy, and an easy smoker that can accompany good fellowship and drinks without taking over. Sour PC.... the complexity and evolution of this stick is lost on a double review (oops). I also lost it alittle as I wrote up the BF. After a minor heat up to get it going the malts are still there but have gotten darker it's at full body and full strength (unless I'm getting nicked out? Lol). As I claimed earlier this one needs to be smoked in peace as a special stick. Haven't really been able to ever age these but I'm thinking now I may need to get a couple more boxes and hide em down deep....still one of the very best smokes in the world in my opinion and the best 1.2 hour out there. Final thoughts: -Both cigars had perfect draws and construction and with the PC rolled a tad tighter. -flavors were very similar with the PC being more complex and engaging, the BF more savory and smooth - I killed em at the band...the same place they ended me, I'm utterly sated and need some bbq! -thanks again foh for enabling me all the joy! Cheers!!! Ben
  6. Apple for me ....cause I still cant figure out how to turn off the PC without an off switch. Also the iPhone is simple
  7. The box that convinced me I may not be in my right mind ....is a box of tobacco really worth $900 ....well, yea! Sort of ? 🤪 I need a raise
  8. Jeanff, you made my morning! "Do red heads have souls?!!" Lmao!! 🤣😁 Good stuff, and great thread moefoh!!
  9. This stick is from a 50 cab and the 1 of my last 3. The wrappers light brown with a greenish hue to it that would probably send me looking for another stick, but this cab has been outstanding, I know better. 1st 3rd starts out with a bready/ biscuit sweetness and smooth tasty tobacco. Smoke production, draw, and burn are about as perfect as I could hope for. The texture of the smoke is smooth, creamy, and rich, very enjoyable 3rd! ....oh the 50 cab!!! ?? Into the 2nd 3rd I'm kinda surprised how all the edges are off this cigar which seems to be pushing a creamy sweet flavor, matching the texture, to the front. A retrohale brings up a touch of pepper spice and balances the profile. Really digging retrohales on this smoke. Last 3rd sees a sour (like sourdough) note come in and the sweet cream develope into a baking spice with more earthy pepper. Utterly satisfies the cigar craving. I am starting to think this cigar is replacing the bolivar PC for me as my favorite Cuban (this has been a reaccuring thought as I've smoked the last 20 sticks from this cab, lol) Outstanding offering from hsa! I wish I had 100 of these 50 cabs to last me into old age ....just a middle aged memory now. Thanks for reading the review (my 1st I believe) and thanks Rob for the inspiration. I think i focused more on this cigar than any other (still cant pick flavors out to save my life) and it brought me a new way of enjoying the smoke. Cheers, Ben
  10. I'm in as well if there's still room. Has the venue been decided on yet? Fullerton is around 30 miles east (all freeway), but has a great lounge (8eighty-eight) with plenty of room (70 people +), full bar and local restraunt deliveries. Traffic is a beast tho especially at that time of day. Another option is one of the local lax hotels outdoor rooftop areas (might not be good with weather conditions tho). Cheers, Ben
  11. The la hangout sounds good, sign me up too. Love to put some faces to this great community!!! Beverly hills is close to lax and has a great lounge...Any gran Havana members here? Lol Most places I've been to in la are outside patios (november rains) or lounges (might get small if there are alot of us) Orange county has a couple spots too but is a bit of a drive(30 miles or so)...eight eighty eight cigar lounge in Fullerton has a full bar and large indoor area (easily handle 20-30+ people) with tv's and pool table.
  12. I just caught up with the hamlet train (entirely by accident) as well in bellflower California when I met hamlet and mentioned FOH I got a smile and a bear hug before he even got my name! Rob you have some interestingly cool pals. Super nice guy, I'm gonna buy a box ( sorry wife )
  13. Couldn't agree more! I'm preferring my jlp cremas over a HQ box of P2's , and about to nub one now.
  14. Nothing I would enjoy more than to see my Seattle seahawks take the crown away from the patriots except maybe, a rematch with Dallas to remind them of their 2014 place in the pecking order on the way! Cheers to Texas and merry Christmas to all

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