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  1. And justice for all, 'one'. Is permanently lodged in my dome....probably because all the important brain cells were lost while that song was cranked up?
  2. Quality Partagas 898 coming through? Truly tho, I'm waiting for the nudies first
  3. This was a gift, so unknown boxcode from 2017 Starts out with a bready toasted tobacco and a nice easy spice through the nose. Good smoke output and a perfect draw. Nice start. 1st 3rd The bread and tobaco stays in the front with a fruit sweetness in the back (raisin) 2nd 3rd The bread flavor has morfed into biscuit and honey. But the profile is dry and is irritating my throat, time for some water. Final 3rd The honey buscuit flavor and dryness continue. The dryness is starting to turn harsh. If this cigar was half the size I'd rate it highly but the dry/harshness has built up too much for me to finish and I put down early with a few inches left. Score is somewhere in the mid 80"s
  4. Figures! Rob, Thanks for taking out the guess work and sending us the gems! I've yet to see a habano in the wild, yet should I have the opportunity one day, I feel equipt to know my way around just from all these great posts. Cheers!
  5. Great stuff Pres! It's a shame those ducks get thrown in with the rest. Does shopping by box codes, months, years, truly make a difference or does it just improve the odds of receiving a decent box?
  6. Great scott!!! There should be special punishment for people who just hate life this much. If I had irregular fancies about how to be happy, I would see to it that the area I dwell in would meet my curriculum, then abide there. Tell this woman to pound sand and send a few racks of ribs to this poor fellow.
  7. I'll take matrix 1 over SW 4; 5; & 6 And M 2 & 3 over all post 2000 star wars ....but I'm disappointed you made me choose
  8. I've officially started my cigar buying freeze to afford as many as possible! I sadly never knew his Cuban tobacco, but I have had the pleasure of meeting Hamlet stateside, great dude-(when he heard me say "friends of habanos" it was like meeting a long lost family member! lol) and have been enjoying his work with rocky! Cant wait to try these...plus Lanceros are a favorite size!! If I understand things right, each years roll out will be a different blend? Will there be enouph to reorder after I get a chance to try the 2019's?
  9. Hey Potter, when you get to the ether, dial up some up those delicious coronas and send in a review! Just so those in the new order can know what a real cigar should smoke like.
  10. Awesome! Just got the 3.0...bugs beware! Lol 3-d printing? Great Scott this world is passing me by
  11. 2018/19? This is the 1st Dumas I've tried and the 2nd from the 1935 line. I got these from the sampler a little while back, 2months? Aroma at cold is chocolate and cedar with soft tobacco, perfect draw, and a raisin like sweetness in the cold draw, very appealing! 1st 3rd: Starts out with a overpowering bitter wood flavor with some generic nut and tobacco flavors. I tried to slow it down to get rid of the bitterness and it went out...I'm thinking I should have dry boxed this before smoking. But this seems to always be my experience with montecristo either a fan-freakin-tastic cigar or an annoying exercise in patience. A creamy texture begins to balance the profile by the end of the 3rd but the bitterness just wont give way. Time for some mezcal 2nd 3rd: After a nip or 3 of mezcal joven and some fly hunting with my trusty salt gun (best bug deterrent ever!) I'm finally getting that rich creamy, chocolatey monte goodness. This cigar went from 79 (dog rocket) to 89/90 in 2 puffs! Must have been burning through a bad leaf Last 3rd: Stayed consistent with the end of the 1st half to the band where some bitterness returned and I ended it. My guess is these are too young however for my money I'll stick with the monte I know 1's, 2's, 4's, and petit edmundo and leave these for all you who can afford to take the risk. Score it at 86 due to burn issues and bitterness, but these do have potential to be great.
  12. Voted too soon, the LOTR books cannot be lost! Didn't care too much for the movies (too much Elijah wood), but the books were awesome. However I still cant eat potatoes without at least remembering all the ways to cook em.
  13. Sea-HAWKS!!! division round, bound. With a ton of expectation for 2020!!! With an average defence Russell will be in the running for mvp after lighting the league up and setting seattle records as he will be forced to score 30+ a game to win.
  14. I totally agree, the size and flavor makes for a great experience! I had a 14 & a 16 box but have had issues with the draw consistency....had you had any trouble as well? Perhaps I was just unlucky. Anyhow, thanks for the review and that rum is fantastic!
  15. One for the cheap and cheerful! Amazing sweet spice aroma at cold Tight draw. At least a quarter of this box has had draw issues, but when it does draw I feel like I scored a bargain!! 1st 3rd: This is going to be ruff. They might have packed a half cigars extra tobacco in this thing...what smoke I can get is all sweet cream, spice, and an odd flavor on the retro almost vegital. Probably pulling too hard on the draw. 2nd 3rd: The vegital note starts to take over the profile but the sweet cream and spice is still in the mix. Not bad but these can be so much better. I think the draw issue it throwing the balance off -Think it's time to invest in a draw tool- Final 3rd: About the same with perhaps a touch of bitter coffee and a wood note. On flavor alone this might be an 86 but the draw was a chore so I'm knocking it down to an 80 or so. Bummer tho, I've had some that could easily sneak into the 90's. This was the last of the box and even tho it was subpar, these are a good morning smoke and go great with a cup of coffee...time to reorder. Cheers, Ben.

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