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  1. 2010 Partagas serie D Especial....awful. Everything about it
  2. Riu Varadero is a great resort. Especially if you stay in the royal section. The royal section gives you access to the indoor air conditioned cigar bar and a steakhouse (best restaurant on the resort). The food in generally poor at cuban resorts, but the restaurant that is included with the royal section is good. There is also a cigar store inside the gift shop with a decent selection.
  3. 1966 is life changing. Just make sure you have spare shorts when you smoke one.
  4. If thats true. Thats a real shame. But that doesnt make any sense
  5. Bolivar Coronas junior. A little firecracker.
  6. Never thought about this. Well done sir,well done. This is a win.
  7. I have a desktop with about 100 daily smokes. However I still get the extreme urge to open the wine cooler. However after listening to some of these posts and talking to others I have realized that i need to refrain from constantly open the fridge.
  8. As of the past month i do not have any humidification system in there. No beads, nothing. Just 18 boxes and 2 hydrometers that read the same
  9. They are not being stored naked. They are being stored in the boxes. The original boxes.
  10. It is going to difficult to fit 18 boxes into a desktop.

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