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  1. Weekend is cigar reviews, but tonight I get to go to one of my favourite brew pubs. So that should be a good time.
  2. It's in my review rotation and I've already smoked one prior to my written review. My response is ... no.
  3. Club Macanudo was nice. Killer whisky menu and a solid steak and cigar pairing. I haven't been to most on the list but I have been to Corona a bunch and a combination of a great whisky selection, properly educated and trained staff, and a great selection of cigars has always made it top in my books.
  4. I do reviews down to around -17F or so and layers are always my friend. Thick, insulated socks with winter boots. A base thermal layer, with two layers on top and then a parka and snow pants as my outer later. I also sometimes use a reflective foil roll on my chair to try and trap some of my body heat. In an ideal world the worst I'd be in is a heated garage.
  5. Yup, I mentioned in the other thread that my inlaws were in Paris for 10 days and I asked if they'd grab me some QdOs. Not only were there no QdOs, there were no boxes available of anything. Very sad.
  6. I asked Aaron, El Jefe, of Developing Palates whether that was going to be in our review rotation in the near future. His response: Fuck no.
  7. On the 72 hour marathon show for "Meet the Professor", I was invited to do a segment and one of my guests was Marko Bilic who was the originator of the CWSC. I don't believe the content is anywhere but Facebook, but for those of you who would be interested: Fast forward to the 2 hour 57 minute'ish mark.

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