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  1. I have these bookmarked.
  2. Ah yes well, we are in complete agreement there. I think there's only a handful of NC brands that use it, and the reason it isn't more widespread is that they're more concerned about having consistent sources of tobacco for a stable core brand. Off the top of my head, Southern Draw just released a new Kudzu that they said was a Medio Tiempo wrapper. Warped has used it as filler on a few releases. I've never met a tobacco farmer in any country I've visited (US, Nicaragua, Cuba, DR) that isn't willing to take tobacco and farming until the sun sets. Also welcoming and open with informati
  3. Sometimes it's simple things. I remember visiting Hector Prieto's farm and we were talking about the curing barns and I noticed the curing barn was on a concrete slab. That's where he was told to put the curing barn. The problem with concrete is that the temperature and moisture control compared to soil is not the same, so it's going to make the curing process much more difficult. Farmers absolutely love you if you have genuine interest in the process and ask them questions.
  4. I can speak to this at a fairly high level as I've been covering the NC industry for almost a decade now. The vast majority of NC cigars use viso (the center leaves of the plant) as the main flavor profile for the cigar. And in general terms, most of Davidoff's cigars are blended to be lighter in strength, although they've been getting into fuller and fuller cigar releases over the past few years. The classification is based on texture, not the smoking quality. Which is why you can technically have a viso that is classified as a ligero (at least as far as the NC world goes). Ligero ess
  5. Have been running my Remington since 2013, and a number of issues I had with the Gen 1 units has since been resolved. Since then I've replaced the fan, as well as the water basin (it rusted through). Unit is still going strong.
  6. Happy birthday Rob! I hope you had a great celebration.
  7. Interesting. I guess I'm just used to transiting between the US and Canada where vegetables, fruits, and seeds are taken pretty seriously by border agents.
  8. Isn't the importation of seeds something that's prohibited by most countries Rob?
  9. Just a quick point of clarification: The middle part of the plant identified as Seco in this image should be Viso. The very bottom leaves on this plant would be Volado, with the Seco being the second lowest row. Rows 2 and 3 would be Viso with row 2 being a high priming Viso. Row 1 is Ligero, the leaf sticking out vertically (the very small one) would be medio tiempo. A fairly rare priming. This is a more accurate chart: Even that chart is missing corona and medio tiempo.
  10. Loam, leather, and then there's the burning cardboard that comes from some Dominican tobaccos.
  11. Well well well, if it isn't Cuba's old nemesis; the predictable consequences of their actions.

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