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  1. I visited their farm a few years ago as well, and fortunately got a lot of time to chat with a few farmers. One of the things he mentioned is because of the heat, most of the tobacco will grow overnight as opposed to during the day. They also use a fascinating and terrifying machine for leaf pairs for the curing process. Because all this work is being done in Connecticut every optimization has to be utilized to save on labour costs. Instead of tying the stems by hand, they lift the pair into the machine where a needle and string punches through. This is done at a very rapid pace, and while I was offered to try it out myself I politely declined. One of the farmers also went through the aromas from the curing barns with me. He mentioned that just based on aroma alone he can detect the presence of mold, where the leaves are in the curing stages, or if they have a humidity issue. It was a great trip.
  2. We use a pizza stone in a conventional oven and get very good results. The local Italian supermarket has fresh dough so it makes the whole process pretty convenient.
  3. As you might imagine, beyond enjoying beer, coffee, whisky, cigars, I am a big, big foodie. Piled on top of that I'm in Alberta and we take our beef very seriously here. With that said, I realize that on a long enough timescale meat as we know it is going to radically change around the world. I also recognize as I get older my diet needs to continue to improve. All of that leading into the fact I tried the Impossible burger. In terms of mouthfeel and texture; I would say the texture is very close to beef, and the mouthfeel is a bit on the dry side but has enough juiciness to it that I can almost be convinced it's meat. The aftertaste lacks the umami of fattiness that beef gives you, and the overall flavor profile, while good, is not beef. I think it's by far the best vegetarian burger I've ever tasted in my life, and 2nd place is not even remotely close. I will eat it again, and I hope they continue to work on improving it.
  4. It was, as always, because Reddit was trying to appease advertisers. It's the same reason you'll see a particularly obnoxious or offensive subreddit disappear overnight if they get in the cross-hairs of mainstream media.
  5. Disagree. It's megacorps, and always has been. If the past decade has taught me anything it's that most Government officials are in the pockets of these large corporations. The US is supposed to have strong anti-monopoly laws, yet they're never enforced. As an old timer who's been around since the days of BBS's and Usenet, I'd have to say yes. Don't like politics on your social media platform? Don't spout your political opinions. Don't like people clamoring for validation? Don't seek it. If I see someone on my friends list who wants to spend all their time arguing or spouting political opinions they get the 30 day hide. About 11 years ago I left Facebook after a friend and I had a long conversation about how much time was spent on social media platforms. The end result was the amount people were having conversations with me daily, and the amount of missed invites to parties skyrocketed. I can't tell you how many people would reach out to me "hey where were you a week ago for X's party? "I was never invited." "You were invited, I sent the invites via Facebook".
  6. This is old news. If you read the findings from medical professionals they can't explain what or could cause what they're seeing. None of the Intelligence experts have ever seen anything like it. So it's highly unlikely that some sort of new, seemingly undetectable sonic weapon was deployed in Havana, Cuba of all places. My random guess: A few years from now it's going to be discovered there's a new retrovirus that's responsible.
  7. It's not crazy money but when I was hanging out with a nice gentleman from St. Dupont in the DR, he mentioned a friend of his did these custom cigar accessory pieces. He had one of the stands with him and it seemed like it weighed close to a pound. Absolutely gorgeous, and it's now on my wish list. Given some of the high-end St. Dupont stuff it's really not that expensive.
  8. Making breaks in long filler, such as breaking off the tips, is standard practice for CC and NC rolling. The way I read it seemed to say short and medium filler tobacco is used in NC cigar making. Little pieces of broken off long filler tobacco is not short and medium fill tobacco and I just wanted to make that clear. It may not be the point of what you posted, but I wanted to clarify for others who might read this discussion in the future.
  9. Respectfully have to disagree on all of that. I've smoked hundreds upon hundreds of NC cigars that are flat and lack evolution. I've smoked a small number of Cubans that lack evolution. As far as NCs using short and mid leaf filler, that's just not true. The vast majority of NCs use long filler just like Cuban cigars, and if they don't it's almost always disclosed either by the manufacturer or by media sites or magazines.
  10. For me the 80s represent the greatest decade of filmmaking ever: Aliens, Terminator, Road Warrior, Wrath of Khan, labyrinth, Ghostbusters Beverly hills cop, karate kid, this is spinal tap, Empire strikes back, ET, raging bull, platoon, raiders of the lost ark, blade runner, once upon a time in America, the shining, nightmare on elm street, full metal jacket, airplane, das boot, fast times at ridgemont, princess bride, scarface, back to the future, top gun, ferris bueller, breakfast club, stand by me, gremlins, police academy, red dawn, big trouble little china, Robocop, return of the Jedi and Die Hard.
  11. I've actually really been loving the vibe of Archer 1999. I thought last season, while authentic to the period, was pretty boring story wise overall.
  12. Villiger La Flor de Ynclan Lancero Especial Illusione Singularé 2018 Turin Caldwell Long Live the King MAD MF Corona Hit and Run Part Deux (Rip & Dip) Almost Robusto San Pedro de Macorís Brazil Robusto HVC San Isidro Hermoso Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda Crux Epicure Robusto and pretty much anything out of AGANORSA: Warped, Illusione, AGANORSA. My review summary of the Black Market Esteli: "The Black Market Esteli lacked the character of the original release, with all of the flavors being quite subdued, where the Black Market was big and in your face."
  13. Cmon man. If you're going to judge the entire NC market from a single cigar at least pick something that landed on the Halfwheel consensus list for 2017. The Esteli wouldn't have made it into the top 100 for the year. That was a monster year for great cigars too.

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