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  1. I get a lot of use out of my lighters and I use several different brands. In my experience so long as I properly purge them between fills, I've had zero issues with reliability. And I'm not exactly gentle with any of them.
  2. Richard and Gene were in my opinion the greatest comedy duo of all time. See No Evil, Hear No Evil makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt, every time.
  3. Six now as Gilberto Antonio Cardero Sánchez was reported dead yesterday. The Generals are all quite elderly, and it's certainly conceivable that they succumbed to COVID, however if 6 random Generals died spread that far across Cuba it also means that their R number is out of control and there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of Cubans dying each week. If that many Cubans were dying from Covid each day, or week, I feel like we would be hearing about bodies stacked in neighborhoods. It seems more likely they're either leaving, or being targeted. Either way I put the over /
  4. As the saying goes amongst US B&Ms; Lanceros are the best vitola, that doesn't sell.
  5. @Nino rumors of more military leader deaths, this time Gilberto Antonio Cardero Sánchez.
  6. Those are all very close ... I think. Took a guess, hope I'm right.
  7. The general body count is up to 5: General Armando Choy Rodríguez dies, the fifth in less than 10 days
  8. So normally, music questions are way outside of my wheelhouse. But you've incorporated into a movie question, and a specific movie that I've watched dozens of times.
  9. Posted on /r/cigars and not /r/cubancigars it looks like.
  10. Interesting bit of trivia. The screenplay was originally written for Canada, but instead it was 4 episodes long and about a chemistry teacher who gets cancer, is treated and covers due to universal health care, and then goes back to his teaching job.

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