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  1. Thanks very much! Sorry to the delay in responding I was galvanting in Ireland and just got back.
  2. Interesting. I was on the same tour the week before Bespoke. We have an interview with Henke Kelner which I thought was particularly good.
  3. Cigar Surgeon

    Cuban Cigar Podcasts ?

    All this talk may have revived What Embargo? ... stay tuned.
  4. Cigar Surgeon

    Cuban Cigar Podcasts ?

    I don't think most people have a good picture of the amount of effort and expertise it takes to produce consistent quality content. And it isn't as if you're making money off that content either. You have to have a passion to want to do it, otherwise it's a hobby that you dislike that eats up your free time. 🤣
  5. Cigar Surgeon

    Cuban Cigar Podcasts ?

    I can tell you right now if any NC company gave an ultimatum to Seth that he would straight up double down. Also no NC company I've ever interacted with would care whether Seth or I, or Aaron or Jiunn is doing a Cuban cigar review or a podcast. I'm not sure I've ever even received a comment about it. For the record Seth has been doing CC reviews with me on DevPal. I would say this about CC coverage: If the audience was there I would be happy to produce the content. I had a close eye on the analytics for What Embargo? for years and our ultra specific show of Sharing Our Pairings blew it out of the water for listens. Wasn't even close. As it stands right now producing a regular CC show wouldn't be worth the weekly time investment. I disagree with characterizations about any of us being 'pawns' for the NC business. I spend half my time listening to anti-CC rhetoric from NC purists, and the other half of the time listening to anti-NC rhetoric from CC purists. Everyone is entitled to smoke what they like, but it's when they start making broad sweeping generalizations about things they have only very basic knowledge about that I take exception (I realize the irony of this discussion taking part on a CC forum). My opinions come from direct experience with tobacco, manufacturing, and many long conversations with experts in the industry (that's both CCs and NCs). Thanks for your comments and all your support. Edit: I'd also like to point out that I produced CC content for Cigar Federation for at least 4 years, and was the General Manager of a Franchise of 19 stores that sold Cuban cigars for over 3 years, and not once was I invited as media or a guest to the Habanos festival.
  6. Cigar Surgeon

    Weird Interview Questions

    Apparently I'm a savant of useless general knowledge. Off the hip in my head I went - probably around 12 or 13k I would think. Google says 11,948.
  7. Going to disagree on that one. AVO spent most of his life in music and the packaging is an homage to him. I thought it was classy.
  8. Some people only want to quote science when it fits their preformed opinion.
  9. Same same. I can't stand the flavor note in cigars, food, or whisky. I find beets to be repellent.
  10. Not only is there no compensation, you'll have to plain package all your existing inventory at your own expense by May of 2021. Send her these studies:
  11. Questions I always ask are: How long is it taking you to smoke an Epi 2? Are you smoking on an empty stomach?
  12. Only a handful of times. The one that was most memorably was the entire range of Oliva Serie V Maduros.
  13. Cigar Surgeon

    Cuban Cigar Podcasts ?

    Naw man Seth had some kids and it was taking up most of his free time. He's over with me at Developing Palates now and we occasionally do CC reviews along with a video recap on our YouTube channel, along with a podcast recap.
  14. Cigar Surgeon

    Cuban Cigar Podcasts ?

    Wake me when Habanos SA starts inviting me to Habanos festival
  15. Will be done at the distribution side. So you'll see the number of SKUs being imported drop off substantially.

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