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  1. Denver over the Jets is the clear stone cold lock of the century, of the week for me.
  2. The Canadian version of Breaking Bad is a chemistry teacher who gets cancer, gets all the medical treatment he requires, and recovers. Not quite as exciting as the US version. @MoeFOH I'll admit you made me second guess myself. But I was like ... hang on.
  3. Just snagged the Monster Mashes and some RoMa Neanderthal - JCF 5 Pack, Intemperance BA XXI - Envy 5 Pack, CroMagnon Aquitaine - EMH 5, CroMagnon - EMH 5 Pack
  4. Bit of a mixed bag. Consumption went way up during COVID so some of the shops in Calgary and Edmonton have done quite well. People are buying plain packaged cigars, and apparently the Feds secretly gave another 12 months of leeway for clearing out existing inventory due to COVID. Ironically because of plain packaging SKUs have been cut to the bone, and what product is being marketed isn't available because of supply chain issues. One of the retailers told me there was a manufacturer that had a release that was delayed to market because of COVID. I can't remember how many boxes it was, 5,0
  5. Michael Herklots did a hilarious reel response to this:
  6. Much better than last week for me but still room for improvement. Not sure I'll be able to catch the leaders from the week 1 disaster.
  7. Looks like the weekly stone cold locks are Tampa over everyone, and the Jets losing to everyone.
  8. I feel like the -3 is an overreaction to the Panthers beating the Jets, and not by a margin a competent team should have. I think it's a -7.5 game personally.
  9. The only real stone cold lock of the of the century, of the week is Tampa over Atlanta IMO.

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