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  1. I do wonder if they "put off" a die hard Cuban cigar smoker, what the likelihood is that they would come back in the future, assuming pricing came back down to planet Earth.
  2. The new Tatuaje Cohete Reserva (broadleaf) and Capa Especial (Sumatras) are top 25 of 2022 material.
  3. Was looking over my notes on this one, I had: The Churchill and Robusto/Toro smoked very differently. The Churchill had that classic Davidoff mushroom note and it was far more subtle. The Robusto / Toro (which smoked very similar) was the preferred vitola for me.
  4. This is Alejandro Gonzalez Arias who was a fairly famous house roller at Hotel Comodoro and has recently departed Cuba to try his hand in the US. He's started his own NC brand, and this lounge project was one of his big achievements out of the gate. Really sad news but I'm confident he'll persevere.
  5. Alex posted that his brand new lounge was involved in a fire last night: Truly sad news.
  6. Some of the best 3/4s of a movie I've ever watched.
  7. This one is fresh on my palate having smoked it last week. I would describe it as: if RyJ tried to do their version of a Cohiba. Medium minus, strong for a RyJ, balanced, complex, elegant.
  8. I prefer Police Story over The Killers but I suppose you wouldn't really call Police Story an 'action flick'.
  9. Surprised there hasn't been a discussion thread on the NFL draft. What are your thoughts on winners, losers, big draft surprises?
  10. It would. The non-traditional part of Drew Estate's business is the money maker, contrary to what a lot of people think. It would have a significant impact.
  11. If Sobremesa Blue was banned I guess we'd get to the truth finally.
  12. Flavored cigar smoking is so out of control ... we couldn't find a single photo of someone smoking for a news article so the best we could do is cigarettes and vaping. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Have you ever given a foot massage? Would you give a guy a foot massage?

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