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  1. Welcome to the forum! I am across the river in NYC most of the time
  2. Just came in the mail today...'06 Monte 1's from one of the aged LFTW
  3. When I saw the photo...it was obviously take in a cigar shop...the person who bought them did not believe that they were fake....even after some very gentle and kind posts with the habanos official Behike page and many of the fake ID information. Ignorance is definitely not bliss...and the cost was " more than $500 US" (that's all we heard and I didn't have the heart to push anymore on that subject
  4. These pictures were posted on another cigar site I frequent and I was amazed at the number of folks swearing that they were sure they looked legit (and the price was staggering!) ..I think I finally found the Behike equivalent of the lucite topped Cohiba box !
  5. Today was a multi-cigar day and I met some friends and enjoyed an '11 Punch Double Corona and a well aged '00 Saint Luis Rey Serie A from a 50 cab with a perfect draw And everything I would hope to find in a cigar of this age with that great citrus flavor that I love in these
  6. First cigar of the day- a SP Non Plus from the March 2013 Sampler...very nice cigar that paired well with my morning coffee with my mates at work..so nice that that I just sent Diana an email for a box to add to my office stash ( so much for not buying any cigars this week ;-)
  7. X4 ...and I promised myself not to buy anything for a week, so I should have not even looked
  8. Excellent read and a nicely crafted window into your experience with this cigar interlaced with another gifted stick that I look forward to heading about. Thanks for sharing! Cheers Jim
  9. They are only pricey in NYC ;-). I have seen them for as much as $17.50 on NYC and as little as $6.50 elsewhere. These are my go-to NC's when I am at a lounge in the US and need to pick up sticks for non- smokers or folks looking for a nice little mild cigar. Jim
  10. It's a tie for me...I have had the tasting menu at Per Se several times and it is always an experience I want to repeat as soon as possible I celebrated my 50th with some generous friends at 11 Madison Park in NYC and the combination of the superb amd very imaginatve food and the company of 5 very good friends makes for a choice that's too tough to call Jim
  11. After a long day in the office ( on a superb Sunday in NYC no less!). I managed to get out and enjoy a SLR Regio from the March 2013 Sampler I had on hand while watching the sun go down overlooking NY Harbor and the Verrazano Bridge

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