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  1. Lol, why post an empty thread before the video is ready to watch? Definition of clickbait. Does clickbait not exist on your Isle?
  2. My two cents.... I think both of these cigars are excellent, and were/still are tremendous values. With respect to Encantos, in March of 2015 I purchased my first box, and I was perplexed that a regional lonsdale with 2011 box code could be had for $250 and people were not falling all over themselves to grab all of them. This is when 2015 Partagas 8-9-8's were going for the same price, and lonsdales in general were disappearing. Then I smoked half that box and promptly picked up 4 more boxes on 24:24, all the same price roughly, and all the same box code URG MAR 11. I still can't believe these were so readily available at the price point, and even with recent price increases, they are a tremendous cigar with 6 years of age and getting better every day. I got into the SLR Pacificos late in the game. One year later after enjoying the Encantos so much I saw the Pacificos on 24:24, and again I was surprised that a 2009 regional in Cab format was available for a reasonable price ($340 then), without people scrambling for them. I picked up a 5 pack and a cab, and upon sampling the 5 pack knew this was a special cigar. Totally different animal to the Encantos. Where that cigar is complex, elegant and subtle, the SLR is in your face, full bodied, and needs to be dry-boxed else its oily wrapper had a tendency to burn wonky. This cigar has unmistakeable SLR DNA, but to me is similar to a Cohiba in that you can tell it has legs for ages. In any case, I have several boxes of each, and this thread might make me go and order another cab of Pacificos! They're still available at various vendors for not much more than I purchased my original cabs at.
  3. Thanks Pig, nice review. I'm a RG fan, I find that as an underdog brand they have been more consistent for me than the major brands. I picked up a box of 99' RG Coronas Extra (EAT CCUA) in Cyprus last year, and my experience has been similar to this review. Mild, interesting, but not as complex or stimulating as more recent RG Perls or PC I've been smoking through.
  4. Funny, I have 2 2013 boxes, and though the cigars look gorgeous, the flavors aren't. I've smoked 3 and similar to your experience, a lot of body, but simple, basic and monotone. I hope it's a matter of development with age...
  5. Barry, this is great info, thanks. It definitely adds more to consider in the walk-in vs Cabinet debate. One point that hasn't been mentioned in this debate, is the consideration of moving homes. A walk-in humidor isn't coming with you, and likely won't add any value to the next owner. Whereas the cabinet has lifelong value, can move to the next house, can be taken to an office etc. I assume you're secure that your current house is a long term 10+ years location for you and you're not concerned about losing the walk-in when you sell/move?
  6. Hutch, this is a really interesting alternative to the MXTPLus and seems to be more along the lines of what I'm looking for. This is similar to the USA's cabinet that I posted in my original post. I would love to see pics of yours. How does the price compare to the MXTPlus? What made you choose this over that model? Thanks
  7. To answer Pig and Nanilla, yes the space is a finished basement with full HVAC that will remain stable and I ensure it is "net rH negative temperature controlled" at less than 70 deg F for storage of other sensitive items, therefore I am assuming that for example an Aristocrat with active humidification and circulation will work well for my purposes. Should I be reading between the lines, is there something fundamentally wrong with the way this setup performs?
  8. Thanks, thats what I was worried about, and its great to get confirmation from an owner. I have a good number of 50 cabs, and didn't even consider that in my box count...
  9. Thanks for the pictures and the firsthand testimonial, thats really helpful. When you say "stupid cheap", can you elaborate? What would actually be done to a closet to make it a walk-in and how could Bob do that without being local to do the install for you? Is it a kit of components that you would install yourself? Would he coordinate contractors to install?
  10. Exactly! You've said it perfectly. I want to be able to see the boxes, check on them, get to a particular box etc. This is why I like the first picture I posted, glass doors, interior lighting etc. Can you elaborate on the solution you came up with? Do you have any pictures?
  11. That's the decision point I'm teetering on. The Aristocrat MXTPLus is advertised as a 150-300+ box cabinet, but I don't see how thats possible just given its rough dimensions. On the other hand, I have no idea if there are better alternatives to the largest Aristocrat that members use for a true 300+ box solution, in lieu of going the walk-in route.
  12. Hi all, I've searched this but haven't seen a good thread discussing, so figured I'd post. My accumulation/aging of cigars started 7+ years ago with NC's, and I transitioned to CC's 5 years ago. Like many here, I graduated from a 200 count desktop humi to a coolidor, then a larger coolidor, then a 150qt coolidor with custom cedar shelves. That filled up, and eventually I discovered Sterilite air tight tupperware. I now have 7 of the 54 QT tupperwares in my basement, and they are excellent at holding humidity, and cheap. It has been my daydream to one day have a great smoking room in my house with a nice large storage solution for all my boxes. I finally have that chance, as I've purchased a larger house and will be moving next month. What I'd like is a storage solution big enough to accommodate my 200+ boxes, as well as extra capacity to hold at least another 100 more... because you know.. cigars are a great investment I've looked at Aristocrat Cabinets, have read some of the threads about wineadors, and have seen some folks converting commercial sliding door beverage refrigerators into cigar storage. What is the consensus on the best option for storage of 200+ boxes? At what point is it silly to spend $3k+ on an Aristocrat, when I could start considering building a two-walled corner "mini walk-in" storage area into the corner of a room in my house. Is there a readily available commercial option for a sliding-door beverage type cooler? I love USA's thread where he shares his massive collection, and I drew inspiration from some of his storage solutions: But I haven't seen anything like these available in the US: Would appreciate people's ideas and input on the best solution. Thanks
  13. I don't understand this logic, and it is stated a lot about 50 cabs. If you want to enjoy some young and let others age, that can be done by buying two boxes of 25 of the same cigar, smoking out of one box and aging the other.... I do this regularly. Also, the only advantage in terms of count of a 50 cab would be if the price per cigar were lower. Usually I have found the opposite to be true....
  14. La Flor De Cano. Rob still has the 2013 Asia Pacific Regionals in stock.
  15. I'm going to go ahead and take a guess here.... HDM Des Dieux?

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