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  1. Have a great one. Enjoy your special weekend.
  2. I had a similar experience. I asked why and was told it was shaped like a very small gun and could be mistaken as such.
  3. Brush them off and clip the foot a little and they all look ready to smoke. Enjoy your bonus sticks
  4. If some low life (they think they are clever and entitled) want to purchase from cuntint and flip them for profit there is not much to be done. But access to the cream of the crop in 24.24 needs to be protected from what I suspect are long term prolific posters as it goes against what FOH stands for. Report these wasters,. name and shame or ban them, so that the majority continue to enjoy access to great cigars.
  5. That was the way it was done back in the day. It was grim. Technology changes the modern world. Even wars. Soldiers still have to follow orders and still have our respect
  6. I agree. Cannot see why these were seconds. The wrappers on the BRC look a little flat compared to the rest but smell great
  7. Will have to try and let them rest for 30 days. The Hamlet might be a Christmas smoke.
  8. That was my thought too. I was smoking from boxes I should be keeping for longer. These can be a distraction. Only smoked D4 an BRC before
  9. Robusto sampler from a recent 24.24 arrived. Perfect condition. Mystery bonus 16th cigar looks like one of Hamlet's new range. Thanks team.
  10. You paint such an appealing picture. I am sure you are right in that I have no idea what might be inside a cigar but if I have seen mold I do my best to get rid of it before smoking. The rest I will leave to blissful ignorance.
  11. Cannot see many people volunteering for that medical experiment haha. It would have been better to separate those with mold on the foot and just clip them rather than scapping the mold out. But as others have said just clip them all half an inch and enjoy.
  12. About 2-3 weeks ago. Thought it initially was my phone
  13. Hi Rob Samsung galaxy note mobile and android 4.1 and default browser. Worker perfectly before.
  14. Is anyone else having this issue. The topic heading is only one character long and therefore runs down the page.
  15. Bump. Anyone else have this issue or found a solution.

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