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  1. I have tassimo at home and a kuerig in my office. The Tassimo makes better coffee and also has the milk discs as previously mentioned. The big advantage the kuerig has is the number of places that carry the k-cups and the fact that you can often get them at a much better price. I haven't tried the nespresso yet though.
  2. But all of those that were specifically listed were related to Native Americans. And again, there really were Blackhawks, there really are Chiefs, and there really were Indians. None of those, on their own, are racial slurs. The imagery associated probably is, but you can fix that by just using less stereotypes in mascots and logos. There is no way to make Redskins not a racial slur.
  3. There is no other racial slur that we would tolerate as a sports team name. Would anyone who supports not changing the name tolerate a team that went by the n-word and had a mascot that fit every stereotype of black people? And it's not the same as using the actual name of an ethnic group. There really are Irish, Spartan, Seminole, Ute, etc... people in the world. There are not now, nor have there ever been, "Redskins."
  4. Hendrick's and Fever Tree Tonic with a cucumber wedge. Never understood what a G&T could be until I found this combo.
  5. I think I blew this one before I even lit it. In appearance it was a total doppelgänger for any one of a 10 box of BRC I have, so I think I convinced my subconscious before even cutting the cap. This is amazingly difficult.
  6. The Mazda Miata is not as fast as some of the other cars mentioned, but it handles unbelievably well and is an absolute joy to drive.
  7. This weekend I had two cigars that fit this debate perfectly. The first was an Alec Bradley Maxx. The cigar is pure, but very clean and sweet, toasted tobacco throughout. The second was a Partagas Super Partagas. That cigar is at its best is unrefined. Still, it is pure Partagas all the way: spicy, earthy, and a bit of mushroom. Granted, the mushrooms are canned and the earth is mostly nutmeg flavored mud. Still, I take the Partagas more often, because it's more fun.
  8. When we go to Cabo, we usually head to San Jose del Cabo rather than Cabo San Lucas. It's usually much cheaper to stay and is a lot more low key, but you are still only and twenty minute cab or 40 minute bus ride from Cabo San Lucas. San Jose also has my favorite tequilaria in the world.
  9. The Montecarlos is, regardless of price point, one of my favorite cigars. The half coronas I have tried are good, but, like others here have mentioned, I view them as more of a convenience than a serious sit down smoke. I don't smoke nearly as much as some of the other guys here, so when I do I want it to really be something special. The Montecarlos does that for me every time.
  10. Thanks gents. I only smoke one or two cigars per week and try to alternate as much as possible, so a good portion of whichever I end up with could potentially see some age. It is quite a good point about the potential for immediate smokability though.
  11. So I am getting set to make an order from a vendor and wanted to include another C&C box. After searching sizes and prices, I have it down to two: the Upmann Majestic and the Super Partagas. Identical size and price bearing names I trust and have enjoyed in the past. So, any thoughts on either of these? Thanks in advance. Prosellis
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I have indeed ordered more, I don't see this box lasting very long. Just had a party and shared five or six of them. Everyone was really shocked at how good they were.
  13. Can I answer "both?" Gas for grilling, charcoal for smoking.
  14. Just had my first Por Larranaga Motecarlos. Box code is MLO Mar 12. They've been in the humidor for just over a month at around 67%. While I plan on letting the majority sit for some time, I couldn't help but try one as I've never had anything from PL and have only had a few long and skinnies ever. I bought these with the idea that they would be a less serious smoke while I aged some of the more storied cigars in my collection. I was shocked by just how good they were. The cigar started out with a really pure roasted tobacco flavor. It really showcased that Cuban "twang" that everyone who tries to explain Cuban cigars describes. About halfway through it kind of settled down into some creamy coffee flavors. I also got my first taste of bread in a cigar. It was a lot like a croissant dipped in coffee with cream. Toward the end it hinted at getting some nutmeg or cardamom, but mostly just kept developing the creamy coffee flavors. Right around 90 minutes beginning to end and exceptional throughout. If the rest of the box comes anywhere close to the first one I will have to say these are the best value coming out of Cuba.

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