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  1. How much and what's it dimensions? Worst case scenario you have a fairly inexpensive huge Humidor without a cooling device. But it will remove humidity same as a "compressor" model will do since it works to create a constant temp throughout. May require some tinkering to have it not remove RH.
  2. Have you considered getting a window unit A/C I know its a bit tacky, but to have those high temps plus humidity I fear one day you are gonna open that Wineador and get the worst smell you've smelled off a cigar(mold).. Also I think wine coolers they're only capable of cooling 10-20 degrees cooler than ambient temperature(without modification) but then you'll also run into a issue with condensation<<which is what you're experiencing if there's too much of a difference between room and cooler. Many of people say cigars aren't sensitive, but I treat mine as I would a pet. And you wouldn't lock Fido in a 90 degree room inside a box I'm sure. Forgot to mention.. I live in AZ my Hygrometers read 63/63 with minimal fluctuations..Except When i open it the Rh drops 2% and temp ups about 3 degrees then returns back within 30mins or so.
  3. That's awesome, my buddy is a HVAC guy and modified a coke fridge that you'll see at different stores. If space was of unlimited supply I would have one myself. Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Well what do you use? Thermoelectric doesn't remove humidity which is what we all desire... And compressor based systems can be modified to not remove as much humidity but most smaller appliances usually don't have a dial for that function you often get this by replacing control units.
  5. 150 qt. Cooler from Wal-Mart and you can use KL or HF Beads to regulate humidity.. Temp shouldnt be a issue if you store in a cool place in your house. Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Over humidified RASS... Burn evenly like a champ as I was told "wet" CCs do. But it was like drinking a double shot of black coffee with a added kick to the mouth.
  7. Thanks folks for the warm reception!
  8. Yea, but his location is hot as hell.. he needs something to cool it down. Or Atleast that's what I read in another post..
  9. Depends on the ambient Rh in your home.. I have my drain open. Bit ambient Rh in my home is about 35-45%
  10. I'll keep that in mind on my next order. I'm assuming like most things Habana these need some rest before smoking.. Or can these be smoke off the truck like the shorts?
  11. Post pics of your layout so folks can help.. Im currently running a 28btl cooler with 65% Rh Beads and kitty litter I'm staying at 63/63% or about 17 C for the rest of the world.
  12. Porn!!!!?!?!? :Puts away other tools: Grabs Guillotine Cutter and Lighter Unfortunately I've only had the "shorts" but these looks beautiful.
  13. Hello Folks, Names Brad... IT Professional and Student had my first Habano gifted to me at about 17-18("before the pretty security bands on Cohibas"< which you fine folks already know) having grew up on the east coast all I could say is the business folks I hung out with surely had to means to get a BHK 52 but whether or not it was authentic I couldn't say. Purchased my first premium cigar my 18th birthday and I've been experimenting ever since. Fast forward about 7 yrs I "found" my first box of Cohiba BHKs 52s box code MES MAY 2011 and now my desire to learn all things Habanos has lead me here as well as a interesting chat with a traveling Aussie I met named Maximiliano a few months back at a shop in Arizona. The pic attached wont amaze most of you but they're dear to me lol. Pic actually attached..

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