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  1. have to say i'm surprised how many people are trashing this cigar. i bought a 10 box count of RyJ churchill tubos from '08 last year and i must say it was one of the best smokes i had last year, tasted like cookies and cream ! very well balanced and smoked it t'ill it burned my fingers, it just got better and better as i smoked it . i still have 9 of them and i think i'll let them age a bit more, maybe smoke one every year to see the evolution. the taste actually took me by surprise, i've never had a stick that had such prominent great flavours. a very unusual, rich decadent cigar. i guess i just lucked out !
  2. yes Smithy ! Do the review of the Monti A since Rob will never do it !
  3. by the way, i'm a professional IT analyst/technician. so i'm not talking out of my ass. LOL
  4. it took me about 10 minutes tinkering with it to figure out that windows 8 is to be avoided at all cost ! listen to those that are saying to install windows 7 pro, Rob. you'll be avoiding a major headache and spending lots of moola !!
  5. Don't like them much but they do serve a purpose as a one stop shop. you can get everything you need there and then get out quickly enough. shopping done ! no need to anywhere else but home.
  6. i have not tried all of my regional releases yet but from the ones i have tried : first place - Juan Lopez seleccion No.4 second place - PL Belicoso Extras
  7. Montecristo A GAS OCT 07 Great box with some nice age. Post here and e-mail the lovely Diana immediately to secure your box. HQ ( 1 Box ) $ 790 USD Fantastic !! Thanks Rob, for finding me a great box of Monti A's !!! your the best !!
  8. might as well get some HDM des dieux. especially since you don't smoke much you have and aging potential right there. aged they are fantastic !! i'd go with a box Juan lopez Selection no 4 as well..sensational cigars !
  9. Don't worry. i'm sure when the times comes around you'll still be able to purchase some great HDM epi 2's. hehe
  10. Hey Rob. wouldn't happen to have a nice box of Monty A's, PSP or HQ ?
  11. hehe. nice pic Rob. You look very relaxed and cheerful LOL ! I used to walk around my boxers in the house a lot before when i was younger now i'm a PJ guy. of course maybe the reason why i changed is due to the fact that i got a heat pump that cools me down in the hot summers and it was kinda cool with just the boxers. hehe
  12. Good question. Litto Gomez who owns La Flor Dominicana cigar brand would be interesting to sit down to have a chat and maybe smoke one of his new creative cigar invention not yet released. that would be cool. he's creative and his back story is interesting. i loved his chisel shape cigars i had. Love the coronado by la Flor blend ! intense aroma ! great taste !!
  13. never cared for it. i don't mind drinking it once and a while if i'm force too. its got an odd cherry like flavor that i just can't get used too.
  14. thanks demiurgic. glad to be on the forum. especially where you can get such a great SLB of Siglo VI's !! Hand picked by the President himself ! long live the president !
  15. Cohiba SIglo VI ABR MAR 12 HQ $ 487 USD Not available for OLH *** I have 1 Great SLB of HQ i will take this !

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