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  1. Good post, you beat me to it! Was going to ask the same question. Used to sell on Kijiji, but new policies on the Canada site won't let that happen anymore.
  2. Probably most people haven't seen the show, but Canadian Pickers went to the Yukon and tried it on TV. Its a show about buying and selling antiques. Both the guys from the show tried it, at the bar. quite funny and disgusting to see, all at the same time!! Gets put in a shot of choice, do the shot, and kiss the toe!!
  3. I made a large humidor years ago. Red Oak exterior, and glued 1/4" spanish cedar panels that came mostly 6" wide by 10-12" in length. Just butt joint them together. I have never had an issue with the pieces shifting in different temps, or humidity. Anything thicker than that, is just wasting money. Never had an issue. I use a Set-and-Forget system inside, and have been super happy with it.
  4. I bought one and moved to an apartment just after getting it, with no balcony. PM me if you are on the lookout, may be able to find it in all my packed boxes!
  5. I agre with this. Once the box arrives, I always try a couple within a week just to get a feel for them. Than make a decision. I've never really understood the theory of purchasing a box, then hiding it away for 3 (+\-) years before trying. If the flavour is not there, Keep sampling every month or so til it is.
  6. Do a search on the Forum. There were a few threads a while back now, that had lots of info on the topic. sorry can't do it from where I am right now.
  7. You just need to do the research yourself. Asking others is really senseless. It's your own tastes and palate that will decide what you like. Many will point you in a direction, but it's all up to you. Just get a sampler, and go from there. You will know after what you like. Do a search on the site, you are not the first, and certainly not the last that will ask this question.
  8. When they get too bad.... toss em, they are only cigars! Why waste time and effort on them, just grab the next one in the box 😛
  9. Definitely in the minority, but don't mind them at all. always have tended to like larger RG cigars, as well as DC size also. Dont know why, just have always seemed to enjoy them more.
  10. Why would you want to get rid of the bubbles?!? Seems to dismiss the actual reason of having a Cola?!?!
  11. Too bad. Havent had one do that before, and have had many boxes. My favourite NC cigar by miles.

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