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  1. Havana House by far the best spot like mentioned across from Starbucks. PS they also had in stock a month back when I was there Edmundo Dantes Conde 54 $41us a stick great cigar!
  2. The box is from 2011 and under the warranty seal when pealed up I found a small label. Hard to read has aTC symbol inside a tobacco leaf and says from what I can read Tabacos Torcidos Y Picadura Republica De Cuba. I have never seen this and can not find information thanks for the learning lesson!
  3. My favorite place with family no need to leave resort and plenty to do for all. But rent a car for the day with wife and drive to sayulita 1 hour drive and it is a sweet town. Check out Havana cigar house in down town PV at the end of the board walk.
  4. Always buy your girlfriend or wife something nice as soon as they start to talk about a freeze. Works every time!
  5. whereever they come from looks like the same photobooth! lol
  6. Maduro 5 I have had some real good ones and the 52 as well. What is your favorite Maduro 5, also the box code if you remember. Trying to figure out the good years on them.

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