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  2. I kind of get plums and copper.
  3. srbbones

    Hi from california

    Welcome! I have relatives in RSM! You made a good decision - FOH is tops!
  4. srbbones

    Pappy Van Winkle prices

    The 15 is actually priced below present market price considering conversion rates
  5. Most electricity still comes from fossil fuels. Just wanted to point that out. Because that matters
  6. srbbones

    bourbons over $150

    I was thinking: I don't see BTAC on the list, but those retail below $150. Then I noticed they do use some "secondary" market prices on this list. So I would add some of the BTAC, as they are often great and command more than $150
  7. My favorites in the picture: Redbreast 21, Highland Park 18. I like Lore, Longrow, Hazelburn. The prices in the picture illustrate why I comparison shop online, however.
  8. I just wondered: How would the cost of the Cohiba Majestuosos compare to the price of gold? I don't have the exact weight of this new cigar, but it looks like, by weight, it is about 1/3 the cost of gold. I am skeptical that this would be a good long term investment. Any thoughts?
  9. That whole sonic attack thing - Did they really think it would not be detected? That there would be no backlash? Weird
  10. Whoa - El Prez is ranked number 1. I am especially impressed with the picks so far this week (13 correct already, on a crazy upset filled day). What is your secret, Prez?
  11. Interesting article on Cuban Davidoff availability dwindling.

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