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  1. Easy for me to. The nostalgia of Marvel for me >>> Bond
  2. In 200 years, Hemingway will still be studied. I love Cash, but it is not the same.
  3. Prez: Reading this made me think these were in the international store, but I didn't see the HdM Rio Secos. I've been trying to get some good samples of them, but I'm not fast enough on the emails in 24/24. Are the ones you mention above available?
  4. I started reading the series in the 1990's. While GRRM is a good writer, his laziness in finishing left HBO in a hell of a bind. I am a bit disappointed with what appears a sprint to the finish of what had been a carefully choreographed marathon. I strongly expect that the rapidly escalating cost of production was the major factor in this change of pace. Unfortunately, HBO has this habit, as their successful model is attracting subscribers with good content, but then cutting cost and ending series too early (Carnivale, Rome, Deadwood to name a few).
  5. I am sorry if I missed the explanation, but how do we get stock we pick from OLH put up for auction?
  6. I would say: "Madam, at this moment I am smoking, and you are a dimwit. When I am done with this cigar, I shall no longer be smoking, but you will still be a dimwit"
  7. I am a cancer doctor (radiation oncologist) who smokes cigars. I can tell you that most doctors just lump cigars in with cigarettes. The American Cancer Society (and others) just wants to stop all smoking. They don't want to deal with nuance, as they assume the public is unsophisticated, and needs to be treated like children. Over my 20 plus years, I have seen hundreds of cigarette related cancers. I have, perhaps, seen 1-2 oral cancers that might have been related to cigars. This would be in the fellows who smoke MANY cigars per day, essentially every day. As for the "irritation of the stomach" comment. Maybe he is referring to relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter that can occur with smoking. This could cause acid reflux. If you get heartburn after smoking, take a zantac. Has nothing to do with the appendix for goodness sake.
  8. Gus Balon's is a great classic American grill. Kartchner cavern's state park is a fun day trip. Call in advance for that.
  9. “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” ― Winston S. Churchill
  10. Take away his Super Bowl rings so he can take care of himself, lol. Seriously, this is going to be a tough one for the NFL (like so many). They can't appear to be too tough, as though they are punishing the franchise, but they cannot appear lenient because of the Pats "nebulous" history. Probably $500K fine?
  11. I had this, a Foundation Tabernacle and a Crowned Heads La Carema last week. I liked the La Carema the best, followed by the Tabernacle. The Warped was good, but lacked depth to me.

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