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  1. Ken - I think you would like these: Land of the Headless, or Jack Glass. Both by Adam Roberts. He is quite underrated
  2. Well, I read the first book in the 1990's. Historically, on his website, he has, over the years, repeatedly said "almost ready" with the next book. Then the "next". He has offered sample chapters, etc. Then...the delays. The impression I get, based on no facts, was negative I suppose. I do admit, though, that I have no proof. Just years of dealing with him as a fan. I agree, I probably should not complain. I did stick with him for a long time. I just did that because the books were very good
  3. GRRM being too lazy to finish the story, and HBO royally screwing up the ending makes my enthusiasm for GOT decrease by 50%
  4. I like it overall. A bit annoying to have white subtitles on white backgrounds all the time, though.
  5. Tom Brady to join Bucs? El Pres should be happy! What do you all say?
  6. I'm holding out for the 8 x 100 Moo Shu Porker!
  7. They sold out so quick at the 24/24. I can only hope it is included in the Christmas Sampler....
  8. Just picked these up today. Excited to get the Elmer T Lee 100! Benefits of being friends with your friendly neighborhood retailer.
  9. Here is another good one - It is so crazy, it looks like it is what they wanted and this:
  10. I'm wondering if it might need to be 8-10 cigars per shipment so that the international shipping cost is not so high as to be a significant proportion of the total cost.

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