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  1. This is an awesome thread! Love the info. My understanding is that around 1997ish, was the time last original corojo strain was planted. I have not googled this but I remember watching a video or read it - the institute responsible for tobacco development in Cuba had developed the different strains of tobacco that were most resistant to blue mold and black shank - Corojo 99 specifically was born. Then Havana 2000 came out. They have used other hybrids since and yes I have heard they were going to grow the original corojo. individual farmers may have kept growing their own corojo in a really small plot also.
  2. There are many other NC brands that use corojo. Some brands like Warped and Illusione use Aganorsa corojo leaf (as do the marcas owned by the Aganorsa company). That is Nicaraguan corojo. There is also Honduran corojo grown by the Eioras (who use to own Camacho before it was bought out) and they use it in their various marcas. Also i believe the Olivia family grows corojo also. I really love Nicaraguan corojo tobacco. To me, Dion Giolito does a fantastic job using corojo in his Illusione marcas.
  3. Does anyone know if they will be available in Cuba. The Halfwheel article mentioned LCDHs and timing. To me they would be a good sell at Cuban airports also.
  4. Love cigars on the beach and the sound wind and surf killing the noise of the rat race. I don’t change what I smoke when it comes to the beach. I have smoked lanceros, robustos, PCs and marevas. Just have to create a wind break. improvise...adapt....overcome The umbrella shelter idea is great and have used that. They are cheap and work so well. I have put loungers on their side to block wind and then sat on the sand. Sat in a chair pad storage box to get out of the wind. Dunes etc Hell even used my wife on several occasions as a wind break.
  5. For the “foe”...may be a bro from here. 🤫 If that matters, and may decrease the violence brought upon this person, may I suggest FOH members may need a special ring or lapel pin to catch one’s eye before rendering him no longer a threat. This is the animal and waterhole scenario - when they look at each a little differently when there is less water around...except a cigar ain’t water
  6. Look I know this site doesn’t exist in “Australia” because the videos on this site are upside right. Further, these ridiculous claims of world records for the most poisonous snakes, venomous spiders and the concept of dingos is a pathetic myth that makes people not want to travel to this mystical place “Australia”, ergo, preventing the masses from realizing that Australia does not exist and that the earth is indeed flat
  7. If he was doing all this research and accessing all this information using this forum, he would have done it right. Could have asked questions, but this really does not seem to be about bad advice.
  8. Huh. I learn something new everyday. I thought engineers drove trains.
  9. @Nekhyludov, @Lomey and @SigmundChurchill I have a fan that I hung at the peak. Small one and moved air well. If you get one of those infrared heaters (I think they call them furnaces) they have fans on them too As for heating, I have used a small space heater, an electric 1500w infrared patio heater on a stand, one of those electric 1500w infrared furnace heaters, and a propane Mr. Heater Buddy. The thing is, the space heater tries to heat the air in the space and I didn’t find it get that warm. Whereas the infrared heaters seems to warm the space up better and heats objects. I find the walls, flooring and me are a lot warmer. Plus the fan on the furnace moves air. The propane piece and your concern..I totally understand! The one I have has an automatic kill when O2 is low plus the vents in the tent being open exceed the manufacturer’s air intake suggestion. I only use it to warm the space before I get in along with the infrared heater. I preheat it like an oven while I grab a cigar. Then I turn off the propane one and just use the infrared. I picked up the infrareds on crazy deals. The furnace I got for a song it was refurbished and only paid 70 bucks. Has three settings, a remote and fan option. Hope this helps
  10. That’s awesome!! Great placement under the deck. Will last longer in the long run being sheltered like that.
  11. Bought an ice fishing shelter. Scored an awesome infrared heater deal not in pic. I have it setup in the garage but could easily be outside. Park the wife’s car out in the elements. Sometimes sacrifices must be made Put down clickable mats I got cheap on kijiji. They work well at insulating the space and retaining the infrared heat I find Remove a couple of the windows and hang a battery operated fan at the top of the tent for ventilation. I can get it to 18-20 degrees Celsius in the tent in the garage even when it is a beauty Canadian winters day My neighbours make fun of me and ask how the fishin is going? I tell them I haven’t caught anything yet I have had four guys in the tent enjoying cigars and no issues with getting smoked out I have also made a make shift shelter using a hockey net draped with emergency blankets. Have also made one out of a sport/beach umbrella in a patio stand with tarps running down sides and emergency blankets lining the inside I apparently like playing Survivorman
  12. I really like the Colibri SV cutter. Straight cut on one side and V cut on the other. This cutter is a little thicker so it can accommodate both cuts, but still fits in a travel case or pocket. I have Xikar and Palio but only use this Colibri now.
  13. Just got a Colibri SV cutter for Christmas. Now all I do is X-cuts. Love that cut. I was worried that it may cause issues with the wrapper - have not had any issues.

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