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  1. Brandon

    a thing of beauty

    Yes, single blade cutters are not ideal. The only good ones were cheap Havana cutters available for single digit prices (pic attached). Unfortunately, not available anymore. It’s crucial that the blade contact the cigar at a steep entry angle. Otherwise, it pinches the cap. I have found a larger one on eBay, but not as smooth as the black Havana cutter. If you really want a flashy cutter (that can’t travel through airports).... I would buy a really nice pocket knife.
  2. Reminds me of this one guy that never had cash when paying in groups. He would always collect everyone’s cash and collect the points on his card. I later found out he was constantly skimming and leaving smaller tips than we paid for.
  3. Having my 4 year olds tell me I’m the best “cooker”... without asking
  4. People really don’t change... especially the older we get. With friends, there is never worry about getting the short end of the stick. I see drastically cheap treatment as disrespect... when they are knowingly scraping the barrel on their end. Such folks are dealt with such as prior girlfriends with not much to offer.
  5. Brandon

    Holiday pairing?

    If you like drinking equal parts milk fat and sugar, then leave the cigars out of it.... unless you are just burning a domestic. The only thing I’d be inclined to try is spiked cider, light on the spices.
  6. Brandon

    FOH Member Health Check

    ... or quality lube
  7. The packer sucks on 2 sticks before they get packaged into every carton.
  8. Brandon

    Large ring gauge

    When I started almost a couple decades ago, I narrowed down the vitolas that suite my personal tastes, then found blends or profiles I prefer... after trying many samples from different years and boxes. This doesn’t mean I won’t try fat cigars ; but I don’t see the point in buying vitolas I hate. That would be like me choosing a dual clutch over a manual gearbox just because it’s a little bit faster, but lacks the driving experience. Just sayin’...
  9. Brandon

    FOH Member Health Check

    Our bodies tell us when we are living wrong (headaches, joint pain, GI Issues, poor stamina, bad breath, heartburn and reflux issues, sinus issues, ear issues, poor sleep, big gut, etc., etc.). Unfortunately we tend to ignore them in favor or vices and bad habits. I’ve had my own personal issues within the recent year. Things add up and always catch up to us. In many cases, issues can be reversed or limited by simply modifying what we choose to put in our mouths( or not). Proper sleep, exercise, and limiting stress are the other factors. The formula is easy. Making the necessary changes often requires a big scare... and even then, some folks remain in denial. I’ve found the main thing is to acknowledge and address ALL symptoms, be self-educated and do objective research, concentrate on long term results and not short term, and avoid extreme expectations and quick fixes.
  10. Fake vendors don’t take the time to print box codes on their own barcode stickers. If your first post on the board is for verification, you are required to mail samples to all posters on the thread.
  11. I’ve heard pig poop is different than chicken poop fertilizer. Add a whole different earthy aspect to the profile...
  12. Sorry... make it a minutos Mike. In your case, a double robusto or salamones will work just fine I might be able to dig up some tres petits if needed...
  13. Everyone just get your panties unbunched!! Go get a couple TPC’s from the same box. Run one under the tap for several seconds and wipe it down with a paper towel. Cut them both and smoke them. Smoking and storing cigars is not like trying to grow truffles. Simply experiment and make up your own mind!!

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