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  1. Forgetting to turn the exhaust on before I take a dump. I don’t like getting off the toilet seat when a steamy one has already dropped down the chute. If I ever build another house, the damn exhaust switch will be wired in right next to the toilet at eye level.
  2. That sucks the big one!! I had a run in with my flint and butane lighter when laws changed in the US. I even printed out a copy of the regs from the TSA website. The A**hole didn’t care. He kept telling me it was a torch. I was traveling with a friend on the way to a herf in SoCal. When my friend came to back me up, a second TSA agent came and told him to back off to prevent any problems. I now never fly with anything I can’t lose. Those with few qualifications and too much power are dangerous. I trust those people like my wife and mother in law going shopping for the kids with my credit card...
  3. El Rey Del Mundo Demi Tasse FR NOSO (Oct 1990) I don’t have a whole ton of ERDM’s in my stock. I was looking for something to smoke, and this was the first ERDM box I found. I prefer the Lunch Club, but I totally forgot that I have a box of 98’s… until I started smoking this one. Someone once said that there were 2 slightly different blends. This was indicated by yellow band, or a band with a more orange coloration. One blend was supposed to be lighter, and one slightly fuller. I never investigated to find out if this was true, or made up. Appearance was good, and fill was solid. Draw was spot on. The cigar started out mostly woody and citrusy. After it settled in, a little more sweetness came out. There was a floral note also apparent through the nose. For a cigar of this ring gauge, there is a good amount of flavor… although the smoke output is marginal. You have to pay attention and resist over puffing. This cigar will become a bit papery and ashy tasting when overheated. Gentle sipping will reveal more sweetness and complexity. I don’t tend to purchase the Demi Tasse anymore. This cigar really has to be smoked indoors in order to enjoy the aromas. Without a basement, and small kids… most of my smoking tends to be outdoors… until I get the garage setup. I tend to prefer a HUHC for a “quick” smoke. The core flavors remain the same overall, while building in intensity slightly. I laid it to rest after about 20 minutes. It was an enjoyable smoke, but not quite as good as I remember. Overall… I give it a score of 3.5/5.0 points.
  4. LGC

    Do you tie?

    Started tying and building rods in the early 90’s in high school. All my rods and tying equipment are just collecting dust in the garage. Dang work, wife, and twins are dragging down my hobbies. Hoping to slowly pick things up soon.
  5. Unless you age them yourselves, there are no “deals” to be had anymore. Internet exposure and easy access to sales and auctions sites has greatly increased competition amongst buyers. Simply look at what HSA has been doing with the banding and selling of aged sticks. It’ll be interesting to see what boxes come up and their pricing.
  6. You betcha! I don’t drink much rye straight except for older, overpriced stuff (my very last Sazerac 18 bought 15 years ago). Sazerac and Old Fashioned are my top 2 favorite cocktails.
  7. I’ve only sampled one stick from the box quite a long time ago. I really don’t recall the details. I gifted one to a good friend a couple weeks ago, and he had all good things to say about it. I retreated to the patio once the kids were quiet and down for the count. The cigar’s appearance was good, smooth Golden-Colorado wrapper... as all Cohibas should be. The cigar was well packed with no soft spots. The draw was perfect with a slight resistance. First light revealed some baking spices, herbal sweetness, and light cocoa flavor. Everyone likes to say grassiness, but I’m not seeing it. Grab a handful of grass (fescue, Bermuda, zoysia, centipede), rub it in your hands, and plant your nose in it. Tell me if that screams Cohiba. As the cigar settles in, the sweetness comes out as a more complex brown sugar/caramel quality. Lip smacking flavor for something that you’re not actually eating. The cocoa becomes more of a dark chocolate quality. The baking spices and herbal quality is still there and blends beautifully with the other flavors. Towards the end of the cigar, the sweetness transforms to more of a molasses type sweetness. The richness remains until the very end. I laid it to rest as soon as the heat became apparent. Overall, a solid 4/5 rating. The cigar smoked and performed perfectly without touch ups.
  8. You can’t define balance until you define what happiness means to you (car, house, clothes, job title, bank account, airline status, 7 course meals, Cohiba and double banders, post card vacations, open relationships with kids, being home for holidays, home cooked meals, sitting with family without a phone in your hand, not having to schedule family time, etc). I’ve learned that life means nothing without physical and mental health. One should never let outside influence, false perceptions , and others define your own happiness. Don’t build a work life around your lifestyle. Don’t place value on things that your kids won’t even remember when you’re gone...
  9. An inexpensive mixer and an inexpensive sipper
  10. These lists are not unlike CA ratings... to be taken with a grain of salt...
  11. I stopped expecting superior quality or dependability out of “affordable “ products a long time ago. I’ll be going with the SP setup soon given the reviews
  12. WHILE installing? Was it a little earthy??
  13. HAAAAAA!!! That’s funny!! Try that test on any woman. I would buy Hoyos and smoke them exclusively if this were true!!
  14. Bolivar Petit Coronas 50 Cabinet LRE OCT 2009 (BWRC)* Trying to decide on what to smoke for the review, I ruled out the old Corona Extras I love. I just smoked a Corona Junior last week. Digging around, I found a cab of Petit Coronas that I forgot about. The last one that I sampled was over 2 years ago. It was undefilled with a void straight down the middle of the bunching. It smoked hot and acrid, although there were spurts of flavor that indicated quality tobacco. I made sure to pick out a properly rolled cigar this go around. I selected one that was rock hard top to bottom, and well packed. Appearance: Solid colorado wrapper. Visible oils with a nice sheen. Fairly smooth and uniform wrapper with no major blemishes. Draw: Perfect draw with a slight resistance. Cold Draw: Tasted like unlit tobacco First 1/3rd: Right off the bat, there was a little bit of black pepper and typical tobacco flavors. The pepper quickly calmed down and revealed some nice baking spices. The core flavors at this point were mild earth, leather, and coffee. There was also some slight sweetness and nuttiness through the nose. Second 1/3rd: At this point, the baking spices and leather diminished. The predominant core flavors were heavier expresso and mild earth… with some honey sweetness and slight nuttiness in the background. Last 1/3rd: The core flavors remained, but some tannic flavors crept in. I decided to lay it down at this point… since I’m not a fan of nubbing cigars when they begin to smoke hot or acrid. Overall, it was an enjoyable smoke. The construction and burn were perfect. No touch ups were required at any point, as it should be (which is why I generally steer away from the 54+ rg smokes). I’m a slowww smoker compared to most; and I prefer a single, slow draw on each puff. At almost 10 years of age, this cab is smoking great now... but will not “expire“ anytime soon. My overall rating for this cigar is…. :) :) / 5
  15. Picked it up at Costco. They also had a “special reserve” fancy bottle in a wooden box for slightly more. I passed since I never finish a bottle quickly unless I’m hanging out with other port drinkers. There wasn’t any age statement on the bottle.
  16. Just inexpensive mixers and first time sipper
  17. Before my wife and I were married, she knew about my hobbies and passions. She was trying to get on my good side when she got me my first cake...

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