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  1. Short trip to Vietnam. Hopefully Cuba later this year.
  2. Noticed this little gem floating at the bottom of google. https://santatracker.google.com/village.html
  3. Dropped $60 on the nose paid out $1020 I'd like to say I'll buy a nice box of cigars and a bottle of rum but in reality I'll pay my rates, get the car serviced and if there's any left over buy myself some new socks n jocks. Great day. Fun screaming "Fucking Yes" in a open office when it came up!
  4. A bitcoin thread from a few years back. Some good info in there I've been looking in IOTA
  5. If you grew up in the 90's you most likely grew up listening to grunge. Soundgarden we're at the forefront of that scene. Badmoterfinger was the shit. Great memories of seeing them live at the Big Day Out here in Australia. Terrible loss http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-18/chris-cornell-sound-garden-and-audioslave-rock-star-dies/8539108
  6. Yup, he should of stopped the fight but he didn't. Green insisted on going on after getting checked over.
  7. How you going to score 98-90!? . Even after losing point for the dog shot..as much as I dislike him, after watching the the whole fight Mundine clearly one. Don't kid yourselves.
  8. Doesn't really represent our indigenous. Why would he. I think Mundine's going to feel Green coming up in weight. 3rd Round TKO
  9. Ramon Allones Sups. I haven't had any since I finished a MUR13 box. Both size and flavor really plucked the right notes for me. Must have rob source a box next year of something for aging for the birth of my girl who was born this August.
  10. I'm pretty inexperienced with carbon steel knives but it's to my understanding there is a lack of certain alloys (nickel etc) that you find in stainless steel knives that aren't present in these knives. Ive used this maybe 3 times. Should I wd40 it!? Help me get it back!!
  11. Rum, Lemon and Honey repeat Some more in this thread too
  12. Best thing I did all day. Give it a crack https://www.whoismrrobot.com/endgame/
  13. Reading the title I entered the post as a fence ready to buy at a third of the price. Anyway, another vote here for a macbook
  14. Been enjoying Mt Gay Eclipse for a mixer rum.

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