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  1. Eric Church in Nashville over Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. Had no idea who he was, but the wife is a big fan. Glad I went, since it was his largest crowd to date. Broke Taylor Swift’s attendance record at Tennessee Titans stadium!
  2. At the current time, I'd go with the No. 3. Monte 1's used to be a phenomenal smoke prior to the early 2000's; however, these were plagued with construction issues (hard draws and plugs) for years, and as such I completely gave up on them. Last time I smoked a No. 1 was circa 2004. Are recent years smokable?
  3. Any of the Florida Keys. Caribbean island life yet still within driving distance to the mainland US.
  4. If i recall, I paid less than $100 for my first edition. I've only opened it less than 5 times. If used are now selling for $700 and mint in excess of $2,000, not a bad investment. I can't even imagine what it'll be worth when the US lifts the embargo, and Americans try to get their hands on this collectible.
  5. As a few above mentioned: Montecristo No. 2. First 2 inches are decent, then they just become way too harsh. Also, PSD5....another harsh bomb from beginning to end.
  6. In the words of Homer Simpson......"There's nothing like a good sit."
  7. There last summer for the first time. Excellent food at Papiamento, Amazonia Churascaria, and Taste of Belgium. If you're into Belgian beers, definitely hit up Taste of Belgium. As for the smokes, a cigar shop in the Rennaisance Mall is a must on Friday evening. 2 for 1 cigar happy hour from 5 to 6 pm. I believe the name is Cigar Emporium. The Friday I was there they had belicosos buy 1 get 1 free. I was able to snag BBFs, Upmann 2s, and Sancho Belis for around $7 - $9 per stick at the discounted price. Normal prices are a tad on the high side. Staying in a beach area or inland?
  8. Another vote for Stihl. I worked for a tree business from the ages of 15 thru 22. We used a whole range of small trim saws up thru a Stihl 066 with a three foot bar. Going down the list would be Jonsered then Husqvarna. Anything after Husky is a waste.

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