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  1. I wish I could make it but I am staying in Daytona for Bike week this weekend.
  2. When I first saw Rob with this case in Havana I had a headache and asked him if he had any aspirin in his purse. He replied “No mate, it’s cigars.” I immediately purchased one when I got back home. Served me well ever since.
  3. 100 per household? So I’m brining my wife for nothing?
  4. This is the only reason that I’m brining my wife with me in May. 100 more cigars
  5. I love smoking in the morning. Monte PE is my go to morning cigar.
  6. Clash of clans, boom beach, and Star Wars commander. All on my iPad or iPhone.
  7. Anyone going to see Hamlet tonight at Burn in Naples FL? I will be there around 5pm if anyone wants to hook up.
  8. Confucius say: “Man who go through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok
  9. Movie was fantastic. Remy Malik should win an Oscar. The Queen Live Aid performance in the movie was so phenomenal and even Remy’s facial expressions were like Freddy’s.
  10. Coffee and Epi 2 right now. BBQ and another cigar for Lunch. Rum and a Lusi tonight watching the Florida State football game.
  11. Fuzz. Let me know where you will be and I’ll come meet ya

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