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  1. We are headed to crazy town on the crazy train! We don't need logic or science to explain any of this just leave your brain with the progressives & jump on the PC train.
  2. Tried it early on when I first started smoking. It was bitter/harsh & not to my liking. If you haven't tried it do so & come to your own conclusion.
  3. It seems as season 8 has been rushed & they didn't spend enough time to build the character/story progression. They could have made 8 a full season & even made a 9th.
  4. Great review & I'm a fan as well. Wish I would have bought a couple more boxes back in the day at the going price.
  5. Avoid LGA, LAX & ORD & your day of travel is likely to be much less frustrating on many different levels.
  6. All those prices are crazy high & can be obtained for much less even on the secondary market if you do a little hunting.
  7. Welcome to FOH! Beautiful basement man cave. Well done. Great place to spend time during those cold Chicago months. After you spend a year on this forum I am predicting you will have outgrown your current humidor. A Staebell would complement your man cave nicely. Go Bears!
  8. I live in OC & have the wood doors with temp control & have no temp issues. I don't think glass doors will be an issue with temp control unless the sun hits the cabinet. You wouldn't want it to be in the sun anyway or it will fade the wood.High humidity has been an issue for me because I am near the ocean. Bob doesn't have a system that removes humidity.
  9. Can't remember the last time I had a difficult draw let alone a plugged Cuban cigar. However, I only buy from here, no seconds, age for +3 years before smoking & store 60rh. Underfilled is another story....
  10. If you perceive the person as a close friend a sincere discussion should get it done. If not, they aren't as good of a friend as you thought. However, I agree. Have the group start openly making him the arse of jokes at the get together. Ease into it to start & turn up the heat as time goes on. Ask the waiter to put him on a separate check if possible & bring a $5 cigar just for him. Often they just fade away if they aren't willing to change & move on to their next victims.
  11. Count me in. Sounds like a great time & an opportunity to put some faces to forum names.

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