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  1. How many years before Espys typically are at their best?
  2. Have been there many times to pick up a single or two from Neil after dinner in the neighborhood. Such a shame to hear about this. Hope he can come out of this stronger.
  3. Went to Heim in Fort Worth last month & it was great. Save time from waiting in line & just sit at the bar. Also, great local beers on tap & some good bourbons on the top shelf
  4. We are headed to crazy town on the crazy train! We don't need logic or science to explain any of this just leave your brain with the progressives & jump on the PC train.
  5. Tried it early on when I first started smoking. It was bitter/harsh & not to my liking. If you haven't tried it do so & come to your own conclusion.
  6. It seems as season 8 has been rushed & they didn't spend enough time to build the character/story progression. They could have made 8 a full season & even made a 9th.
  7. Great review & I'm a fan as well. Wish I would have bought a couple more boxes back in the day at the going price.
  8. Avoid LGA, LAX & ORD & your day of travel is likely to be much less frustrating on many different levels.
  9. All those prices are crazy high & can be obtained for much less even on the secondary market if you do a little hunting.

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