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  1. A little monsdale tribute with some of the finest BOTL's there are....RIP Enrique Mons
  2. Sounds interesting thanks for sharing the experience Lisa. My cousin is a huge foodie...will have to mention it to him... Kinda sounds similar (except the price) to Martin Picard's Cabane a Sucre au pied de Cochon. He does a McAuslan brunch once a year which the meal is centered around maple syrup from his Cabane au sucre and local ingredients. Will be going back on Aug. 31 when he does an apple menu.
  3. I like to mix cigars in with my other hobbies lol....sports and cigars, beers and cigars, food and cigars... A lot of my time is dedicated to my family (wife and 3 daughters) but mostly come spring to fall I play all levels of softball from beer league co-ed, comp men's both slowpitch and fastpitch. Outside of softball once the kids are asleep you can usually find me having a drink watching some form of sport with my buddies, or watching a movie or catching up on tv shows. Love craft beers. I try my best to support local brews. Current Quebec favorites include Biere Brisset (Broken7) and Micrbrasserie Le Grimoire (Deserables, Vie de Chateau).
  4. Little late but welcome...was a pleasure to meeting you today!
  5. Add another vote to the cigar caddy and 65% boveda packet group. I have a 15 count and recently picked up a 5 count for local herfing. Neither of which have a release valve. Have travelled with the 15 count and did experience the seal from atmospheric pressure and did the same. Took a coin and slid it into the small gap where the top meets the body, and slowly break the seal to release the pressure and voila!
  6. Very happy to hear everything is ok...met yourself and Erin at the TO herf last year and she is cool beans. I'll see your long story Keith and raise you with one of my own Haven't really shared this story in a minute and I dunno if this can be considered a close call or not, but roughly almost 11 years ago my then girlfriend was coming up to Montreal to visit me and was gonna make the drive on her own at night. Me being the guy that I am I decided to leave Montreal early that day and make the 7-8 hour bus ride to Toronto to meet her and make the drive back with her so she wouldn't have to go it alone. Arrived in Toronto without a hitch and was picked up in a rental car at the bus station downtown. Grabbed a quick dinner and proceeded to head to Montreal probably within 2 hours of my arrival. Was raining the entire day but when we left Toronto the rain became a torrential downpour. The type that the highest wiper setting doesn't cut it and most people either slow down to a crawl or stop altogether and wait for it to lighten up. She just kept going regardless of the weather at somewhat of a fast clip given the weather. Asked her multiple times if she wanted me to take over but she declined and repeatedly said she just wants to get to Montreal. I even recall her overtaking an OPP (Ontario Provincial Police). Now everyone that has driven the 401 highway knows that it's long, boring and at night, very dark in between rest stops and towns. I recall it to be somewhere just west of Cornwall before the Irving truck stop. With the rain coming down really hard still, she managed to hit the serrated rumble strips at the side of the highway that warns motorists "you-are-about-to-drive-off-the-highway-and-into-a-ditch". She proceeds to panic and immediately wrenches the steering wheel left. Had the weather been fine I'm positive she would have got the rental cavalier under control. What ensued was the car beginning to fishtail due to the wet roads, crappy all season tires and a higher rate of speed. Struggling for control she slammed on the brakes which made us fishtail left and right a few more times until finally careening sideways off of the shoulder and into grassy area off the highway. Once we hit the grass the car proceeded roll sideways. I think we ended up rolling 1.5 times and landing on the passenger side down where I was sitting. I recall the roll, I remember seeing the airbag deploy but not hitting me as I was reclined further back. Was strange the fish tailing seemed to happen so fast and the roll like slow motion. Anywho once we stopped rolling, quicker than a snap I sprang into action. She was dangling sideways in shock and held in place by her seat belt above me. I freed myself and stood on the door window and confirmed she was conscious and ok, thankfully she was but in shock. I turned off the car ignition and told her we need to get out of the car in case it was on fire (watch a lot of movies lol). I tried to open the driver side door but it wouldn't open from the inside. Rolled down the driver window and attempted to open from the outside but no dice. Unhooked the seat belt and hoisted her out through the window and followed after her. We tried to hail down any motorists or trucks for help but no one stopped or slowed and all they did was spray us with rain water as they sped along. After a few minutes I spotted a row of houses on the 401 west side of the highway so we ran across the 401 east, jumped a fence in the middle, and then ran across the 401 west. We ended up knocking on the door of a grey brick house with what seemed to have red trim. I remember it vividly in my mind. Once I rang the doorbell I heard big dogs barking and a very nice older lady opened the door. I proceeded to tell her my girlfriend and I just crashed on the other side of the highway and if she could kindly call the police for us (our cell phones were left in the car). She let us in, offered us a cup of tea as we were soaked to the bone and called the police. She must have had 5 large dogs, 5 cats, a bunch of birds, hamsters, guinea pigs...she told us as her husband is a trucker the animals kept her company. After calling 911 she told us that a trucker already radioed it in and the OPP was already in transit. Few minutes later the cops arrived, we thanked our host who I do not recall her name for the life of me, and headed back to the car with the cops to collect our belongings. Sorry to be super long winded but the point of my story is we could have lost out lives that night but didn't. We both walked away relatively unscathed save for a few minor bumps but nothing at all serious. Very thankful for that. My then girlfriend became my wife 5 years after that and have been married now for 5 and a half years with 3 beautiful daughters. From that day we've learnt to take one thing at a time and simply enjoy each others company. I've learnt to plan things more thoroughly and take all factors and risks into consideration. Almost see things happen before they do and take action from there. As for the lady that helped us...I have driven on the 401 a vast number of times since then and for the life of me I have not been able to locate her if it was never there. Some people might attest this to shock, the night and rain etc...I see this as a sign from God (or a higher power) to live and love life and pay the kindness forward if ever I can...
  7. Mr. Matt Henry orangedog being 6'8" does help a bit lol Looks like a great time.
  8. Wow...great hit Mike! Did the Dirty Sanchez get...well..."dirty sanchez'd" ?!? Lol Enjoy Arty!
  9. Love the Super Ramon...usually takes me about at least 2 hours to smoke it. I think I recall Steve/Diamondog saying on the shout box he hammered one out in less.
  10. Wow Vincent that cabinet is beautiful! Hoping one day to upgrade to an RH/temp regulated cabinet one day.
  11. I couldn't grab just one box...I'd go for the gusto and grab the smokes I have to celebrate my daughters birthdays. I didn't go the route of box dates...went with "special" smokes I enjoy...1966's, BHK52's and Super Ramon's. EDIT: does my wineador count as 1 box?? Lol
  12. I'm with the "want-to-love-but-can't-seem-to-do-it" camp of the PSD4. Have rested and smoked a handful and each and everyone time the draw was too damn tight for my liking. Think I may have passed out from lack of oxygen shortly after letting one down too lol. Cigarmantim gifted one to me at the TO herf last year (think it was a PSP) and man it was beautiful. Dark and oily and the tastiest one I've had to date ..but man the draw was too much work that really dampened the experience.
  13. Have a dual temp zone 21-bottle edgestar thermoelectric wine fridge with custom cedar drawers and shelves by Forrest. Have a mix of 65% RH heartfelt and shilala (HCM) beads in there. Currently not plugged as its cold as heck in Montreal but will plug in when it gets warmer here. Also still have my 50 count cigarstar humidor that my wife got me as a birthday present when I first started and still use it for dry box'ing.

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