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  1. But all the people in Chinese prisons are innocent victims of authoritarian oppression, whereas all the people in US prisons are dangerous criminals who need to be locked up. (At least, that's the implication when the country with 25% of the world's prison population tries to lecture other countries on "freedom".)
  2. Florida has a prison population of 95,622 - 4.5 per 1000 people. Texas has a prison population of 151,213 - 5.2 per 1000 people. Australia has a prison population of 41,060 - 1.6 per 1000 people 25,690,000 - 1000 per 1000 people Somebody help us, today I had to wear a mask at work which is basically the same as being locked up at ADX Florence.
  3. On top of everything else, 2020 was the first time in about eight or nine years that I didn't have a cigar all year. Here's hoping the Doc gives me the all clear to break the drought in 2021. But I got to cherish NYE with the ones I love. Happy new year all!
  4. As a Lions fan I'm hoping someone knocks us out in the next few matches so we don't have to lose to Richmond in the grand final. Tonight was pretty dismal, but hey, none of us expected to be playing in September so mood is still positive for the season!
  5. ayedfy


  6. Agree with you on the second point - people love to talk about the huge death tolls in communist countries as being some fatal indictment of communism, but when any of exactly the same stuff happens in capitalist countries, it's just bad luck and no cause to re-evaluate the political structure. Famine happens in Ukraine under control of the communist Soviet Union? Communism killed those people. Famine happens in India under control of the capitalist British Empire? Ah... must be other reasons. First point is cool if you're a libertarian socialist or some other communist who rejects Marxis
  7. China, Russia, Cuba etc. all drastically decreased their wealth inequality following their respective revolutions. The Soviet Union reached similar levels as Australia and the UK, and was significantly better than the US. China improved significantly as well under Mao, but has become constantly less equal following the shift away from communism through the capitalist reforms of recent decades. Cuba's inequality is also rising following (albeit much stricter) reforms. I'd argue these revolutionary governments reflected the theories of Marx and Engels more faithfully than you are suggesting
  8. McMahon 7, Pocock 8, Gill 9, Hooper 11. Opensides everywhere!
  9. Kepu was our main reason for all those scrum penalties against ENG during the RWC, yeah not sure why he's on the bench. Agree about Ready - I still don't get Cheika's love for TPN as a finisher, give Ready a crack there. Especially since Moore and TPN likely won't be around for 2019, time to blood some younger hookers. Phipps may not be the best halfback in the world but who would you put there in his place? Genia's injured, and Frisby/Stirzaker haven't proved any more consistent. We just lack depth in the number 9. Maybe we should put one of our surplus 7s back there?
  10. I'm flying all the way to Brisbane for the first so I bloody hope not! As said by others it seems clear that England can't compete at the breakdown as well as the Aussie backrow (few can). Obviously this alone doesn't doom them in a series by any means, but because of that strength of ours, teams need to be sharp and dynamic in attack to shut us down. At least based on RWC form. It's why Scotland was able to pull a lead and almost beat us in the semis, and why New Zealand ran all over us in the final. I didn't watch a huge amount of Six Nations but from what I saw of England, they
  11. Agreed, I've loved the sounds from the videos in testing. The turbo spool with the lower rumble of the V6 sounds fantastic. Not necessarily better or worse, too different to compare. Looking forward to hearing how they sound trackside on Sunday.
  12. Cosworth wouldn't be a huge surprise (they still designed an engine for these regulations didn't they? So they're still kicking about despite lack of contract), but isn't Honda locked into an exclusive partnership with McLaren?

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