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  1. Too cool! Just ordered a 1500 sized custom end table from them. Current delivery time...15 weeks😮
  2. Been on the hunt for a 2006 Regional, the Punch Super Robusto. Had fingers crossed for the last year that they’d pop up on BR. Also currentish production Cohiba Lanceros.
  3. PSP RASS with 30 days in the box and a fave local brew. A prime example of the stick. Good lookin out @El Presidente, thanks for the great cigars!
  4. Weather in Seattle isn’t traditionally “good”, outside of August anyways, but the last week has been gorgeous. Had to soak up the longer dusk and cloudless sky with a Hoyo EE and some Buff Trace. Noice.
  5. Heavy stuff, real heavy stuff! I curate a small playlist of faves here: Take a listen to "FU" by Sordid Pink - currently last on the list. You haven't heard anything like it before
  6. When a tobacconist asks "what kinds of cigars do you like", the reply "all of them" isn't terribly helpful I'll usually say figurados and piramides then describe a flavor profile. I like the way they look as a single or in a box, I like the way they feel, and I love the extra bit of craftsmanship is takes to create one. Cuaba seems to get a bad rep but I've always enjoyed them. Also, the brand name "General Satisfaction" is so, so perfect.
  7. A beaut of a day here in Seattle! The Dip 2 and CoEsp are both from recent purchases - benchmarking their profile for later checkin'. Pretty sure this is the first Esplendidos I've smoked...good lord, what a cigar. Also, damn you Rob for good deals on cardboard packs! 😬
  8. Seconded on the Colonials! Had a box of those and Reys come in at the same time last fall. Reys have been harsh and one dimensional which is what I expect from those without a bit of time. The Colonials have been smoking quite well - a few rough edges toward the end and lacking some depth and strength but solid.
  9. Haha, yes! It was Top Gear that first introduced me (and the rest of the US' young car culture) to Lada and their significance. There are a few on the road here in Seattle and they get an ear-to-ear grin every time.
  10. The Perrelet Skeleton watches are some of my favorite designs. Watched them for many, many years and finally had a chance to pull the trigger! Other than needing a slightly larger band, it is pure mechanical joy to behold
  11. One of those back-to-back meeting days today. Decided a few short smokes was the way to go: Quick edit -- that Ilusione MK Ultra floored me. Been in the box for probably a year. Nothing but clove, spice box, and gentle white pepper with shifting toasty undertones throughout. Wowie.
  12. This afternoon I spent a bit of time catching up on humidor inventory and tracking. Realized there are a couple of empty spots from recent 24:24 sales and was hoping someone out there has the board notification email with the post's text? I like to capture the included tasting notes to compare with later. The two I'm looking for are: March 4th or 5th that included quarter boxes of Punch Punch, RASS, and MC2s March 8th or 9th that included Dip 2, Siglo 3 If anyone out there has the text, I'd greatly appreciate a copy/paste of it. Thanks in advance!
  13. I’ve been around cigar forums for a long time, starting in the early 2000s with cigar aficionado’s board. Used to go by digital_demon or digi1d, depending on the board. I found the secrecy around Cuban cigars irritating and the phrase ISOM to be pretty ugly. As a result I didn’t spend much time in the Cuban cigar section or pay any of it much mind. It wasn’t until 2007 on a trip to Cabo San Lucas that I purchased my first few Cuban cigars from the J&J store in town. Ended up with an MC2, BBF, and a machine rolled something or other. The MC2 and machine rolled were tossed before t

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