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  1. It's interesting that "Novedosos" are available from some custom/"seconds" suppliers. Makes we wonder if they're being rolled and stocked until they reach a critical mass?
  2. I don't do or post reviews all that often but these two cigars were sent as part of a trade and the sender asked for my thoughts! Gotta say, one of the beautiful things about buying and selling selling on Bond Roberts has been the personal connections. It's turned out to be a great network of folks to trade cigars with. So much good stock out there that collectors aren't likely to sell but are game for some good trades. Just lovely. Anyways... The cigars at hand are both Quai d’Orsay 54, REG JUN 18 and MSU OCT 19 respectively. Off the bat I noticed the OCT 19 stick has a much darker wrapper, it's also heavier in the hand, and gives off strong smells of tangy barnyard. Both appear to have good construction with the 19 having more filler, they're rolled in opposite directions I lit the 18 first; was surprised to see 3 pretty large stems off the top that aren't present in the foot. Draw is perfect though, at cold it is all hay and a wee bit of maybe cinnamon(?). Lit easily and is burring well out of the gate; lots of coffee with cream and some light spice on the retrohale. Folks often talk about sweet notes in these, I haven't had a 54 before but I'm not detecting that. To me, the original Imperales and Coronas didn't give off a particularly sweet note either - it's one of the things I really like about them. It's smoking beautifully - mostly even burn, nice and cool, slow. Holding it's ash very well, still going at the half way point and I haven't been especially careful in picking it up and putting it back down. The notes of coffee with cream and light spice are still there. They've expanded on the palate, much richer and are the core structure of the smoke. Picking up just a hint of sweetness at this point - honey isn't a bad descriptor. It's a light, rounded sweet note. Reminds me of the flavor that "pollen" adds to dishes and drinks. As I move over the half-way mark, the body and profile quickly move up between puffs. Mouth filling richness now with creamy coffee transitioning to less cream, wood notes, and a bready sweetness. The light spice is still there but well integrated into the profile on the palate and in the retro. Medium bodied at this point but very rich on the palate. To me, this cigar takes pages from the Monte 4, PSdC 3, and Espy. Can't say it reminds me much of the 2014 QdO's I have hanging around. Closin'er down; more light black coffee now than coffee with cream. Solid medium body that is smooth and still smoking cool. Very long finish on the palate, the coffee sticks around and begs you to keep tasting it. Most of the profile falls away toward the end of the cigar and leaves you with medium black coffee, some spice, and a nice toasty tobacco. Clean. Unexpectedly, I'm getting a bit of a nicotine hit on this cigar. The 54 went out on it's own with a bit less than an inch left and that's where I retired it. This is the first "new" QdO I've smoked. Not sure if there's a pulse on when these hit their stride but I'd be a happy camper with a box or three of these guys in the humidor. Moving on to the 2019 stick: It's overfilled and the draw is extremely tight, not plugged though. The cigar is fairly spongy until you get to the top portion of the band, the overfilled spot is all at the top and is even all the way around. At cold, it is similar to the 18 with the addition of some sweetness. Not a lot there due to the tight draw. Lighting took a bit of time but is burning even. The draw firmed up quickly after lighting and I had gently use the PerfecDraw - all good now. Significantly less coffee off the top compared to the 18, more spice though still light, and a nice, sweet tang.. The profile is quite rich already, coating my palate with a long finish of sweet tobacco and wood. This cigar is moving quite a bit faster than the 18 and has a slightly wonky burn, though no touch ups needed. The profile is still smooth and flavorful, detecting much more of that Monte 4 cream in this cigar. At nearly the half way point it is still lacking the 18's coffee. What's interesting is the Monte tangy cream is stepping up but nothing is really filling the hole where the coffee was. The finish is shorter with a not unpleasant chalky quality. The draw has firmed up again and another gentle poke with the PerfecDraw sets it straight. The ash is slightly flaky and falling off in quarter inch chunks. Similar to the 18, just past half way the body steps up to a full medium. The light black coffee note finally appears! The burn on one side of the cigar is way off and needs a touch up. Flavors remain largely the same as before but not as well integrated as the 18, the cigar is losing some of it's smoothness at this point and I'm detecting some lingering burnt notes on the palate. Down to the last inch and a half or so and the cigar goes out twice with relights. Restarting, the draw firms up again and I hit it with the PerfecDraw. It pulls out a fairly long leaf of tobacco that's folded in half across some of the filler - ah ha! The draw is great the but cigar hasn't really recovered, lots of bitter notes intermingled with the rest of it. Closing: What an interesting comparo. If you pulled the bands off and told me they were two entirely different cigars of the same vitola, I'd have believed you. The 19 was a total drama queen and didn't seem to have the structure, elegance, and complexity of the 18. Fun stuff! Also a big thanks to @QDOguy for the sticks 🍻 The 18: The 19: Requisite stinky selfie while I sit on work meetings:
  3. Remember the big scare around planes and 4G? How about WiFi? How about Blutetooth? How about when hand-held GPS devices became popular? How about old portable CD players? Seems like a recurring theme, haha. None of this tech gets "dropped" on the public. The standards and ratification takes years and the roll-outs often take longer. There has to be a profit loss tie in for the airline with the 5G roll out - maybe the equipment upgrades?
  4. Like a few others, I'm smoking 3 to 5 per day. Really only 3 cigars bad enough to straight toss: Partagas Maduro 1 - 2018 code : ungodly bitter. like turn your face inside out bitter. Upmann Noellas - 2020 code : so plugged even the PerfecDraw couldn't save it Partagas Salamones - 2016 code : was a very strange cigar. Technically it was lit and smoke was coming off the end of it but, the draw contained no smoke and no flavor. So weird. If we were looking at the number of underperforming cigars that I didn't smoke "all the way", the numbers are probably in the 100's. Really struggled with 2017 and 2018 box codes last year.
  5. Absolutely! FineDrams is a well known retailer of legit product and they have a large selection. The owner, Jonas, is fairly active around Reddit's booze boards and easy to get ahold of. They'll ship into any state but their prices can leave a dent: https://www.finedrams.com/rum?country=cuba That's some advice to take to the bank. Don't get me wrong, if you're a rum fan and haven't tried Cuban rum, you need to knock it off the list. At this point though, in my opinion, Cuba isn't offering a particularly unique or higher quality product on this front. Recently finished up a bottle of Havana Club 15 and that baby was dry as a bone and burned like Seagrams going down.
  6. Can't say I've heard of or know much about that but seems risky given that the US is their only market, I believe. Had originally ordered a box of the torpedos but the shop called me to say Atabey has been shipping in bundles because they can't get a supply of boxes. "Supply Chain" is going to be 2022's magic phrase, haha. They are definitely under medium bodied but I wouldn't say mild. To my palate, the cigar offers something unique and that's a great reason to stash a box in the collection! I'll always reach for an UltraMK or a Mag46 when in the mood but sometimes this mood strikes too All in with shipping, I paid about $25 per stick. It's certainly on the high end but that doesn't ring as particularly expensive in the current market. Running the numbers across 162 box purchases last year, my average price per stick is $25.10 so it's right in the zone.
  7. Thought this might be of interest to the board given the tie-in to Habanos. Atabey is a relatively new brand of cigars out of Costa Rica owned by Nelson Alfonso Egüed (https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nelson_Alfonso_Egüed). He's also the founder of GVAD, the firm who designed preso packages for Behike, etc. Tried my first one back in November and enjoyed it quite a bit. Have had a few more since and decided to pick up a box. Halfwheel's take on them: https://halfwheel.com/__trashed-3/267133/ It was interesting to see packaging that's a dead-ringer for Habano's piano finished boxes. Very pretty in my opnion:
  8. It's been a minute since I've had one but do have an SOP JUN 20 box waiting in the wings. My experience in the past was very strong Monte DNA - cream and chocolate. Don't let the vitola fool you, it's a powerful smoke
  9. I'd wager there are some old marcas from Indonesia, Philippines, and Sumatra though they'd be small shops if still surviving today.
  10. I swore off CoRo after two boxes, one from 2017 and one from 2018. For all the years I've been smoking cigars, last year was the first time I've tried a CoRo (love Espys and Lanceros) and was totally underwhelmed by the muted palate and harsh notes. Sounds like it's worth reaching for a sampler of current production to see what's up.
  11. A rare NC day over here today. Fuente Anejo Reserva Xtra Viejo #46, a 2020 box. So, so, so strong off the bat. Loads of pepper and nothing else but it calms down quickly and ended up being a nicely balanced, sweet cigar with notes of chocolate, coffee, and cake. Distinct lack of creaminess and just a hit of tang towards the end of the smoke. These guys will need a bit of time. Tatuaje ME 2 Robusto. The Halfwheel review is pretty spot on except I pickup nosefulls of floral boquet. The combo of its looks and that it's a Tatuaje makes me fear for a double full strength pepper bomb but this stick is a solid medium and so, so friendly! bodiedhttps://halfwheel.com/tatuaje-me-ii-belicoso/366374/ Also, please excuse my filthy ashtray 😏
  12. One of my local shops, F.K. Kirsten (mostly a notable pipe shop) sells these. Last time in, I bothered the owner about whether anyone buys them or if it's just there to ogle. He goes on to tell me that a client in Medina (across the water from Seattle, where Bill Gates' house is), buys a box about every two weeks. Holy shit. The steepest stick I have is a 2015 Behike bought on BR for ~$259.42 per stick...and I don't really like them. Can't imagine the position you'd need to be in to buy these Davidoff's on the regular.
  13. Yeah for real - it's like something from Porsche Design, circa 2005. The box and tubes don't have the best feel either. Kind of surprising because I think the C8 pictured above is well done.
  14. That would be a Cohiba C8, supposed to be a duty-free cigar: https://halfwheel.com/general-cigar-co-creates-cohiba-c8-for-u-s-duty-free-market/401990/ https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/general-cigars-take-flight-with-cohiba-c8-travel-set FWIW, I think the presentation is pretty slick with the matte silver setup. Very clean and modern. They also released the Spectre last month, which retails for around $120: https://www.friendsofhabanos.com/forum/topic/151018-cohiba-spectre-who-has-smoked-one/#comment-1124164

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