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  1. Ah, you must be at Occidental Careful of Yvette, she bites!
  2. Man, I opened a newer jar recently and every damn stick was plugged. Seems like they all had the filler folded back around by the cap. So tight in some cases, even the perfecdraw couldn't help. My most recent outburst was for a BEL DIC 20 RyJ Churchill. Last time I had one was probably 2015 and it was not hot. Lucky for me, the same day a 24:24 popped up with BEL MAR 21...woot!
  3. Today's menu: '17 HdM Elegantes and '13 SCdlH La Punta. Good smokes! The elegantes has been smoking well for a while now. The La Punta still packs a punch after all this time...surprising!
  4. Fully admitted, this is more than a bit braggy. But its the mother of all mail calls for me: https://imgur.com/a/NfKzk7I SCO MAR 03 https://imgur.com/a/RxlXZpD LOB MAY 03 This box is weird. It literally smells like soap on the outside and musty fart basement on the inside...a little concerning. https://imgur.com/a/sveI422 SVF OCT 05 https://imgur.com/a/mHHq4qA TEB OCT 07 https://imgur.com/a/jrK8GW1 KMM JUN 03
  5. On the same band wagon Bought two boxes when they first appeared and am about half way through the first with the idea of auctioning the second box. They are fantastic! Just about the perfect morning with coffee cigar. Not sure I'll want to part with the other box now, haha!
  6. Digi

    Humidor Woes

    It's been an interesting week around my house - two cabinet humidors came in. One new and one used, bought locally and both with issues. Back in April, I contacted Vigilant to build out a custom end table. It arrived last week and looks absolutely stunning: The cabinet weighs 150 pounds and has awkward dimensions, definitely takes two to lift and shift. My buddy and I tilt the cab, lift and start to slowly move it in. About half way up the inside staircase, I hear a disconcerting "clunk" from the cabinet and the distinct sense that its weight has shifted. Back
  7. Local shops here in Seattle all seemed to get a big drop of Fuente products a few weeks back. Regular stuff, Opus, other limited lines. Get this - the OpusX "Angel's Share" release comes as three cigars in a small travel case. Retail pricing starts at $70. There's one shop in town selling for $150...wowie.
  8. Vigilant sent over photos from production this week! Humidor is currently traveling cross country from New Hampshire to Seattle, due to arrive this week. Very exciting!
  9. HAHA! Too true. I'm fascinated poking through Alibaba to see the counterfeit cigar stuff available. Even better is reading the product reviews! Those Faux-he-bikes have a review from Brazil praising the quality!
  10. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Piano-High-Gloss-Surface-With-Gift_62127310014.html
  11. RyJ Wide, OMB FEB 16 from the PCC aged program. These sticks tend to give me trouble (two boxes plus various singles over the years) but they’ve never been more than a couple of years old. Decided to grab a 6er of these via 24:24 to see what a few more years can do. Still opened hot and harsh, like the others, but settled down after the first quarter. Haven’t encountered the often noted hits of cherry. Definitely getting cream and anise. Maybe some marzipan? Mouthfuls of wood and light, pleasant spice. It’s clearly a fine smoke but doesn’t seem to speak to my palate 🤷‍♂️
  12. The real question is: Sharp ass cheese v.s. Sharp, ass cheese Now, I like a sharp ass cheese but would pass 9 out of 10 times on the other. I mean, you gotta leave some wiggle room for unexpected happenings 😆 Recently picked up a couple boxes of the Dip Norteno RE from Canada. Boxes are alll dried hay...so strong it was as if I was sitting in the tractor! Very cool.
  13. Nice! I have one of their 1500 series end tables in progress right now: https://store.vigilantinc.com/product/sentinel-1500-contemporary-cigar-humidor-end-table/ Expecting delivery toward the end of September. Started working with them in late April on customizations - communication wasn't the best nor was it quick but we eventually got there. The build got underway in late June. I did a fair bit of research and asked the handful of folks who have one at my local lounge. Heard nothing but rave reviews on the product, so I jumped in. Here are the deets of my build, in case anyon
  14. Rest of the images ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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