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  1. I heard Habanos swapped this for reading tea leaves to determine pricing 🙃
  2. Little bit of thread necro here but wanted to post that I'll be taking the Bliss on Norwegian here pretty soon. Will grab some pics of the lounge, cigars for sale, and prices. I'm not a huge fan of cruises but the wife twisted my arm with the lounge and a last day stop in Victoria. Managed to get my mits on a cab of Siglo IV, a box of Sancho Belis and some other goodies. The shop is kind enough to extend current pricing as I'll be there after June 13th. The plain packaging situation should be interesting. When I called and asked the shop about Espy, he just chuckled 😏 Haven't brought boxes back via cruise ship before, that'll be a learning experience.
  3. Literally the only time I was able to find bottles that didn't require a kidney. Still have two...probably need to drink them this summer.
  4. aaand the box came in just as I was typing up the reply. Here's a few shots of this d'Crossier box:
  5. Should be the same blend, as far as I can tell! L'Alphiniste is the long torpedo at 6.7" x 56. I tend to like the Epernay line in larger vitolas as opposed to lines like Illusione Ultra where I definitely prefer the smaller sized MK.
  6. Ran into a new (to me) NC brand this past week at the lounge: d'Crossier Golden Blend Reserva One of the owners bought a box blind and shared a stick. The cigar hails from Costa Rica with a multi-country blend and some of the now familiar Nelson Alfonsoesque mystery around Cuban tobacco being in the filler. The cigar smoked like a slightly fuller bodied Atabey, really enjoyable. Ended up buying a box the same day. Lately, on the NC front: Fuente Anejo 46 Sobremesa Brulee Blue Byron Distinguidos 21st Century Atabey Spiritus La Barba Purple (this is a Caldwell stick but very approachable) Illusione Epernay L'Alphiniste Based on more than a few recommendations, I have a couple Curivari Buena Ventura samplers in the mail. Fingers crossed on these as the price is so good. As a reference point, on the Cuban front, I'm generally a big fan of HdM, Monte, Upmann, RyJ, specific Bolivars.
  7. Ah, that’s fair! I’m 22 years in and haven’t spotted a wrapper like this either. My question was more related to the other thread where they spotted some moldy sticks and had humidity issues with the walk-in. More of a context-combo type question 🙃
  8. @Fakhm apologies if this comes off as rude but there’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask. Based on your posts, it’s seems you have a good sized collection with a lot of range - how long have you been collecting? Here’s the rude part being an engineer type, I can’t dip toe into a hobby without dredging the depths of knowledge. I’m curious how you got to a place with a collection this large yet lacking some of the mechanical knowledge that comes with being around cigars?
  9. Yah, it’s a bit bland overall but it seems that cards are being kept very close to the vest currently. I wonder why the shyness about stating general sales and import figures?
  10. Another garbage sick from AoC (now called LCDHcustoms)...pretty frustrating. This is an Ideales from the El Laguito line which weighs in at $25 USD. I dipped into an AG Flying Pig a couple weeks back and had the same experience I'm having here. An incredibly dry and bitter stick. The flavor is similar to what a pill tastes like when you don't wash it down with water fast enough - just sits on the palate, even coffee and water can't wash it away. Also odd is the wrapper itself leaves the same nasty, bitter taste on my lips. Very unpleasant. The wrapper started unraveling from the foot after lighting. Some PerfecRepair fixed it up. Draw was good and burn is even but it won't hold more than about a quarter inch of ash at a time. I'm half tempted to open one of these up to check if there's short filler in there with the long. At this point, the only good stick I've had from the site was the Alex G Siglo 2. Also check out this construction on the cap:
  11. A very well behaved RAT FEB 21 Dip 2 this sunny, warm Seattle afternoon! Has a few edges as it closes down, should be legendary in a year or two.
  12. Switched to decaf a few years back and have tried every one I can get my hands on. This Tectonic decaf is easily the best - it really tastes like high-test, quality beans. I’m a simple drip guy, using a Baratza Maestro grinder and Bonavita brewer. @Doublesh0t is the espresso nut with quite proper gear
  13. A little morning snack with some amazing Tectonic coffee courtesy of @Doublesh0t ! I want to let them sit but these TUA NOV 20 QdO Coronas are smoking beautifully.
  14. This is a promising sign! Even though it was a campaign point, I don't think Biden has the political support currently to just roll things back to the Obama era on Cuba. However, coming at it from the perspective of immigration is an interesting way to get talks started. I could see a path paved from early talks to more formal commitments that end run around some of the thorny political issues here.
  15. lol, no doubt! I'm going to be a lazy jerk and just post a link to my earlier comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/cubancigars/comments/u7gzrm/never_saw_anything_quite_like_this/i5f61qh/ and for SEO purposes : https://www.reddit.com/r/cubancigars/comments/u7i8re/comment/i5f8aws/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3I The peanut gallery turns out to be full of shells. Don't worry, we have all the nuts here 🙃
  16. I'd say Habanos is doing a good job of keeping up with market trends here. The question I have is - are they having trouble selling cigars? Doesn't seem like it. From an economics perspective, they seem to be in an interesting place - they could probably continue the price hikes with old packaging (or even simpler packaging) and consumers would still clean out what's available. Why spend the bucks on this if you're moving product regardless - just hold on to those increased margins instead. I like the new boxes, some a very pretty. I don't like presentations where the top of the box isn't flat though. Those RA EL boxes are such a pain to stack. Anything on top of them is tipsy and tends to fall when I'm rummaging. RyJ Oro's have the same issue with the raised medallion on top - yarrr. FWIW, companies like Fuente have been doing this for many years and by all counts the cigars still age very well.
  17. Had one of those Xikar lighters and it was so unreliable I threw a full tanty and spiked it on the ground...LOL! Quadruple header kinda day after sending the IRS my damages yesterday...man that hurt.
  18. France. Hopefully they'll come around at not too stiff a price. Always seem to have a hard time sourcing French regionals through.
  19. When super and hyper cars are increasing in value, you something is off 😅 Houston down a Royalty Exotics in Vegas has made a mint over the last two years buying and selling even marginally interesting super cars. This would boggle my mind except I flipped 4 boxes of BBF Reservas at over double the price in less than a year. The west coast of the USA and Seattle in particular have been well insulated from the last couple corrections and recessions. Seattle is a city that makes a lot of global products, both physical and digital. Even during the 2008 debacle, folks were still moving to this area and housing didn't take a step backward. If the market takes a notable shit, you'll see folks in this area pull back on discretionary spending as stock allotments will sit and marinate. Still though, salaries are very solid and rising in tech so even with a significant market hit, households in Seattle will still have plenty of liquid resources.
  20. You'd be amazed what modern printing presses are capable of. This quick pod cast can give you an idea
  21. Interesting discussion! I've not had any Vegueros sticks and have been smoking Habanos since about 2005. Given that I'm in the US and have easy access to a plethora of new world offerings, the question to wrestle is, can I find a NW offering at the same price point that smokes better? Watching Reddit's mail call threads - it seems like folks are starting to receive newer codes for these and Quinteros. Bunch of 21 coded Vegueros popped up last week and this. Makes me wonder if those stocks are starting to dwindle as well, since folks are dipping in.
  22. Great insight, thank you! Can't say I've run across much discussion on the build of these humidors but that definitely helps me understand what to expect.
  23. Lil bit of eye candy for y'all I also removed and opened the included humidifier, changed out the green foam for 65% beads.

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