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    I love travelling around the world meeting friends and possible smokinga good cigar with them.
    I would love to win a lottery for sharing it :-)

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  1. Not my size cigar and quite high price for a Montesco from SCDH . I'v been informed MYR 2300 for a box of 10 = Euro 467
  2. Andy you got the point. CWSC is completely a different category. No one feels sick. No one gets upset. yes.......they try to cheat like in most sports when competition get's to the final. people want to win a nice prize . That's why there is a judge association for CWSC. I like to say that the competition is like golf, you fight against yourself so if you cheat you cheat yourself. Of course I use the watch in my rotation, just like the lighter and cigar cutter.
  3. I do not think that when Marko moved to Macanudo he did it on that purpose. I know for sure that he has spoken to Habanos and as he was asking sponsorship fee ( to Habanao Ha Ha Ha ) they did not show interest. He was a Montecristo no.4 smoker ( still is I believe ) and his club name is Club Mareva. He rally wanted to continue with Monte4. For sure Rocky l as sponsor now will be a boost in US. Again it's a game where one can decide to partecipate or not and take teh occasion to meet friends for a different evening and a real good smoke after the game.
  4. Yes I am the last one but with a ridiculous time of , if I remember well 94 minutes. But I won a Dupont Lighter...a cuervo and Sobrino watch and a knife cutter from Les Fines lames. So why not. This is a's just fun. Has nothing to do with smoking or BJ 🙂 . You do not smoke at all, you have to be good to keep the cigar alive as long as possible and believe me it's not simple at all. People smoke a mareva in 4 hours!!! Just for the record the beginning of the CWSC was with Montecristo no.4 then Marko asked Habanos to sponsor and they refused so he mad
  5. What a great time in Pamplona. Younger and crazier.
  6. Just read below
  7. Here you go , Snow..BB, bubbles and cigars. Great Week end.
  8. Another good reason to visit the Isla Magica.
  9. What a lovely experience you had. At end you where all very happy I see.

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