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    Kingsland - Montemiletto - ITALY
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    I love travelling around the world meeting friends and possible smokinga good cigar with them.
    I would love to win a lottery for sharing it :-)

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  1. ..and here we go with the second wedding . My son Stefano kenji and his lovely wife Sara that some of you have met at AMICIgar in Maiori.
  2. Great guys always stay in great places and never give up learning. Simplicity is Yiorgos best knowledge. Bravo!
  3. I love Japanese potato chips from Sapporo area. best potatoes imho
  4. Fantastic that he Pharmacy smoke goes on , even with few members. It will get back to usual glamour . Big hug to all.
  5. If you have chance to visit Pompei there is the new Smoking Lounge Vitium that is fantastic and has also a great selection of cigars. Just give me a PM and I will arrange a wedding gift;-)
  6. Wedding of my first son. What a week end also with Italy winning the European Football Cup.
  7. Whatever comes out as Cohiba is a winner but if the Maduro wrapper will be same as Genios/Magicos they will be unsmokable imho
  8. Today, Anna's birthday my turn in the kitchen ( again )
  9. Happy birthday Di! Hope you have a wonderful day and that Rob has been enough romantic to cook for you a wonderfull dinner with a good bottle of wine and ...bubbles.
  10. Great choices Prez. I would go for Diplomatico n ERDM. But to my understanding the regional edition is always a vital non present in the range of the marca. And unfortunately a languito was present ( but not in production ) in the Diplomatico. maybe I'm wrong. Anyhow gain great suggestions, so if no diplomatic, I'll take the LG Cubana Dalia.
  11. Crystals my first box ( and only one ) was both in 2005. I Smoked few and then gifted all . I think today good buy are still the PL petit Corona and maybe ( Idid not try yet ) the Elegidos fromFdC
  12. I heard about her departure last night. terrible that she could not fight back the Covid. RIP MAsetra.
  13. If they sell well. yes....maybe in a couple of years..or more ;-) Do not forget the Talisman, first release and sold so well that they went for a second one.
  14. Prez, my info says that Robusto Extra Travel Humidor will be 10.000 really believe can go up like the Casilda? I believe that can be an initial rush ...but on long term 0,2 cents

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