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    I love travelling around the world meeting friends and possible smokinga good cigar with them.
    I would love to win a lottery for sharing it :-)

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  1. Yesterday I smoked another Monte80 that was gifted me four years ago.I do not know the box code . I'm not a fan of the size so I did not buy any. Completely not satisfied with it, even if burn perfectly, strong/hard ash, perfect draw, never needed a correction/relight . Nice amount of smoke but it was just hot air for almost all the cigar. I got some leather/Pepper just in the last inch. Are these cigars operated or I'm the unlucky guy?
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 to the prez and FoH team and FOH members.
  3. Difficult...very difficult. Prez next time put on the Amateur du Cigar list and we will be all happy.
  4. I have to jump in this discussion as I'm part of the CJ panel. Like all the end year list, also this one make us discuss a lot, every year. But everyone knows that I'm 90% a cuban smoker ( maybe more ) so I also suffer in not seeing any or few of the magic island. Reason is simple and it's not advertising ( not only ok? 😉 ) At CJ they send out fresh cigars, yearly production, and we all know that our CC 99% of case start giving us pleasure ( at least at me ) after 5 years..10..15...20 years. We buy and forget. Nicaragua, Honduras, S:Domingo, Costarica etc etc, are 99% of the time ready to smoke ( strong or not strong ) How hell can we expect that fresh cuban cigar will be in the list!So again, this is a classification on yearly production of fresh rolled cigars. My 0,2 cents.
  5. Speak out and clearly to him with no anger. And suggest to buy cigarstogether to sum ke on week ends.
  6. For the guy that launched Behike line commercially not the best treatment from his "boss". Glad he is back in the industry, even if on the other side 😉 Will smoke EPC next time I'll have one gifted 🙂
  7. Rob years ago, I think 2015 or 16 I was offered in Cuba fake Cohiba Siglo I and fake Cohiba Secretos.
  8. When I joined i was thinking to real football;-) Said that you can imagine where I am LOL
  9. Cliff, it's not a problem at all. We both know Didier well so we just help a friend out to promote his book.
  10. I use to do this with old and dry cigars , just flush water over the cigar from the water sink ( not from the foot), definitively you will have a more even smoke.Even burning with less possibility that the cigar will break due to temperature exchange. Old cigars an old wrappers are very delicate and easy to break. No change in flavour IMHO. I learned this practice during one of my several visits in Hong Kong with the author of the encyclopaedia.
  11. Anna' paella. Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. Prez will this be available on you tube so that with my sunday aperitif and cigar I can watch you guys?

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