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  1. A Trinidad reyes 32 euro? we are far over cigarmageddon. here the new price list of 5th Avenue :
  2. Video.MOV Video.MOV I had the fortune to be in Limassol, Cyprus at the launching of the Cohiba55 and as an organiser of one event a year, I like to congratulate again Phoenicia and all teh great staff for bringing up such astonishing and superb evening. The day started visiting local Casa dell'Habana, that unfortunately did not have any Phoenicia 40 anniversario. Must go back 😉 I smoked the loose Cohiba 55, name of the vitola "Vittoria" , and it is really a "win win" cigar even as fresh. My personal sensation, for the cigar I smoked, even if we where in a quite high humidity area as it had rained during the day, was like a SigloVI gran reserva, full bodied and heavy creaminess, nuts as a roasted oily macadamia nut. Here there is really good tobacco and if you can get hands on a box and you keep it 10 years you will be in heaven when smoking it. I bet my dollar. Several photos and a video of the starting. Enjoy.
  3. Mary Chutnay is also my favourite indian in London , just behind the corner you should go to have the best Vesper Martini at Duke's hotel. Envious of all your good walks;-)
  4. La China..Cueto...Juanita...who else of the old times are still rolling in Havana for friends?
  5. I like the "friends" to be kept as this is all about, so I will be more than happy that you just translate AMICIgar in english : FOH, the " Friends of Cigars "
  6. When I heard the news yesterday I was shocked. It's unbelievable what has happened . A true friend always living the day at best . All my prayers go to Kelly and the family who have to live without him daily. I'll miss you my friend, our smoking in your new house has gone...see you on the other side . R.I.P.
  7. you just need to recharge it constantly. Match ligther.mp4
  8. Yes I have. It was on a boat trip with my friend that did not have a cigar. I cutted in halve a double corona of HdM and said him : If Simon has done why should I not try.. We both had a decent pleasant smoke. * In my trip to Cuba in 2011 an early morning alongside the Malecon waiting a bus with Simon Chase for going to Pinar del Rio for the Simposio on Tobacco he asked me for a small cigar as we could not smoke in the bus. Sorry, Simon I have only some customs cigars. With his British aplomb he takes out from his pocket a churchill of R&J and cutted it in halve with my big surprise. He lit halve and the other halve he stored in his shirt pocket. Me : Simon why you do this? Simon : Gino believe me, it's just tobacco. If it's good's going to be good in any case. I miss my long talks and discussion with Simon on tobacco and tobacco world.
  9. Always preferred 38 to 48 as best, then 34-38 and 48-52 is second in line. I dislike over 52 even if I had some good smokes .It just does not fit my mouth 😉
  10. How can you expand your business and run after your dream in Cuba? so he did the right thing even if we all loose a great cuban roller on the island. He will bring up some good cigars from other sources just as Hamlet does and maybe we will like them ( or not ).
  11. Sorry Prez. Nice design and nice projects usual from FOH but.... A shirt, ANY Shirt, has to be long sleeves A short sleeve shirt is not 0,2 cents.
  12. This will be the reference book for future, until and if the New Encyclopaedia will come out from Hong Kong. Again congratulations Alex.
  13. It will be fun. There are cigars out there non cuban that can show us how bad is our palate 😉
  14. Happy Chinese New Year to all Asians, especially he who smokes a good cigar.
  15. Looking forward to see the latest "opera". Congratulations to Alexander Groom to keep alive the project started by Trevor.
  16. Will this bring up more the price of cigars?
  17. Yesterday I smoked another Monte80 that was gifted me four years ago.I do not know the box code . I'm not a fan of the size so I did not buy any. Completely not satisfied with it, even if burn perfectly, strong/hard ash, perfect draw, never needed a correction/relight . Nice amount of smoke but it was just hot air for almost all the cigar. I got some leather/Pepper just in the last inch. Are these cigars operated or I'm the unlucky guy?
  18. Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 to the prez and FoH team and FOH members.
  19. Difficult...very difficult. Prez next time put on the Amateur du Cigar list and we will be all happy.

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