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  1. Touching story and thanks for sharing what is obviously a very difficult circumstance. Condolences for your loss, mate. Having lost an aunt and an uncle at their own hands, I understand what you're going through (not that it makes it any easier to deal with or understand). They say suicide doesn't take away the pain, it just passes it on to someone else. I really believe that to be the case. Take care of yourself Frank and lean on the FoH community for as much or as little support as you need. Time to go hug my loved ones...
  2. What makes it worse is SHY is one of the most morally pious, ethical-lecturing pollies we've ever had. A complete hypocrite. A complete fraud. And a complete waste of our money.
  3. That's what threw me, too. Looking at the near maduro wrapper I just put a cross straight through Upmann No.2. I was tossing between Monte 2 and VR Unicos. Not even close...
  4. Haha! The only one I was sure it wasn't. Man I suck at this.
  5. But if it tastes great, who cares about authenticity? Taste trumps all IMO.
  6. FFS! I had typed Fonseca No.1 in my email to Lisa, then re-read the reviews and changed it at the last second. I. Am. Such. An. Idiot. #trustyourbloodyinstinctsyoumuppet
  7. It seems to me the divide between the haves and have-nots will only widen in Oz from here on. The younger generation just can't get ahead without help from their parents/grandparents, and much of the blame as El Pres said lies with successive indifferent governments. It's all smoke and mirrors with those pricks. "Here's $7k for a first home owners grant. Oh, please pay us $40k in stamp duty." I'm 35 and only bought our first house two years ago. We had to move 60km out of the city (Melbourne) and have a substantial mortgage on an $800k home. I'm a journalist and my wife's a lawyer – we're hardly the ones doing it tough in this society. I really feel for the next generation (and that of my kids). It's why I went out on my own to build a business (which I sold to allow us our current home) and why I'm about to launch another with the aim of helping my kids in the future. There's so, so much to love about this great nation, but housing is not one of them. And don't get me started on how much overseas investment in our market (and the ease with which it is allowed) affects the supply of housing for the next generation and inflates prices for the rest of us...
  8. Bloody good on you! Great achievement thus far. Keep on going...
  9. Same here. I went with 44 ring gauge with my guess for Cigar No.2, but not confident at all. I narrowed it down to two based on dimensions (at least the ones I thought) and I'm pretty sure I've never had this before which is why I guessed the way I did. If it turns out to be the other (Murphy's Law) I'll kick myself – I changed my guess on Cigar No.1 at the last minute from Punch-Punch. What a dumbass! Not sure I can forgive myself two in a row...
  10. Undeniable, by Bill Nye Unstoppable, by Bill Nye The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, by Malcolm Gladwell Each one brilliant in its own way.
  11. My sample was an absolute cracker. Although I'd never tried a Punch-Punch before, there were a lot of familiar flavours in there so I took a punt. 0-1. Good news is I'll definitely be buying a box of these shortly. On to Cigar No.2...
  12. The man was a legend. Still funny well into his later years.
  13. Was tracking along nicely until a kidney infection had me hospitalised for a week and a half, where I put it back on (plus some). Food in that joint is not conducive to weight loss! Nevertheless, still a touch down on last month at 91.6kg.
  14. What a legend! Serious bit of work in that. Thanks for sharing. I'll take a longer look and come back with any bugs/suggestions.
  15. Reminds me of the time five years or so back a mate and I went to Siglo in Melbourne on a Friday night after work. It's basically one of only two places where smoking cigars is still permitted in the city. It is, for all intents and purposes, a cigar bar (and one of the last remaining). We're 20 minutes or so into our first CC (SLR Regio from memory) enjoying the evening and a few drinks when a couple of women come in, dressed to the nines. They politely ask if they could use the other end of the couch we were on. Sure. "No worries, it's all yours." My mate and I continue our conversation when just minutes later I notice that familiar look of constipated disapproval and the over-dramatic hand-over-face waving technique so often employed by the disapproving. "Ahem, would you mind?" comes the unwelcome suggestion. "No, not at all," I reply, taking a puff while pulling out a couple of churchills and placing them on the table in front. "These beauties are up next." Needless to say they left unimpressed and I had done my good deed for the day. After all, it is a goddamn cigar bar! It's like these people go out of their way to find something that 'offends' them.
  16. 93.1kg for me. Down slightly but not nearly enough. If only grog was carb free!
  17. More to the point, how handy is the gift? It was a surprise for me also but I love the way he/they think.
  18. Outstanding! Congrats again. Anyone know if these FoH ashtrays are available for sale? Or are they only for 'promotional' purposes?
  19. It made it into the Aussie vernacular. If ever someone wins because everyone else fails, it's referred to as a 'Bradbury'.
  20. Just brilliant. Love everything about this show. And how good was Waltz as a guest?!
  21. Smoked 5 of the 6, the most recent last month. Absolutely beautiful, every last one. Just wish HSA made the Upmann Robusto from the travel humidor a regular production.
  22. Apologies, I meant 25 dress boxes. Confusing them with the shorts!

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