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  1. I'm not even Australian but the way Shane sings it is just spot on. It is a real teary kinda song
  2. LCDH's have a bar and to achieve LCDH status in Cuba you must meet a sales target
  3. If I was running the show there, I would put the brakes on all of this by changing the currency and giving everyone 30 days to change in their old currency for the new style. after 30 days the CUC would be worthless and not accepted anywhere. only the new style.
  4. 12 years worth of trips to Havana here and still have some stuff to add from this year https://concrete4homes.blogspot.ca/
  5. Whatever you do Tom, don't trust the people that just walk up to you on the street. the conversation starts like this "hey my fren where you from?" "hey my fren, I work at your hotel and I saw you there" "hey my fren, I know a better place to eat" the street hustlers in Havana are pretty good. People don't just walk up to strangers and start conversations in your home town and if they did, I'd be suspicious. watch your money close and watch the menus. lagostina is not 17cucand the three dollar bill they have can really trip you up. the milk scam is another good one but the lady that needs the milk for here kids is in cahoots with the lady in the store and they have probably sold the same quart of milk 50 times. I know i'm not answering your question but watch yourself. the Cuban scammers are good at what they do
  6. no you where crapping on EL's and I was crapping back oooops I forgot, your opinion is the only one that matters
  7. your EL looks fake. the bands coming together don't line up. If its a the monty robusto EL from 05 or 06, they have come around nicely unfortunatly it has taken them 10 years. You sound very jaded, the same cigar unbanded would probably pass. We get it, you don't like EL's. I do. And many others too.
  8. I love it. I had a feeling I got scammed a memories in Havana, but the boxes came back legit and they smoked great and tasted great, it was just something digging at me......................everyone knows the feeling. I do find that it probably takes at least a year from the box date to show up on the site without getting the "over loaded with volume currently" or whatever it says
  9. let's hope for the Cuban folks to benefit from all this and lend ease to their daily struggles. that would be nice but I'm sure there is a 1% in cuba just like everywhere else. Once their peso floats like all other currencies, inflation is going to kill them. I am willing to bet it would be worth 15 cents to a USD max. The Dominican republics people face similar struggles to the Cubans and they have all the "nice" things the USA has to offer. Not much will change for the everyday Cuban is my guess. I have been all over the DR and what I have seen there is worse than anything I have seen in Cuba. Their poverty is the real thing. no food stamps/rations, no education, no health care and gun fire rings through the nights in santo dominingo and santiago de los cabilleros. Its a failed narco state
  10. I booked into Islazul Colina and from the reviews it should be named the Colin. I am just using that the first and last night. I am going to walk around Vedado on Saturday afternoon and find a decent place. I was looking at the casa websites. They don't give enough info like address and that so I could be to far away from restaurants and stuff with no taxis rolling by the front door to catch. I'm missing you guys by a day. I'm coming home on the 9th. got down for 745 taxes in for air/transfers from VRA to Havana and back/hotel room and breakfast. I'm Bringing a big bag of chips ahoy and some bullseye BBQ sauce to try and bribe the lady at the colin's desk for the best room........lol
  11. not sure if they have a 25 box but if they do i'm gonna try and get one in early april when i go to cuba
  12. Even if who ever this person who bought them up in cuba didn't, if you didn't go to cuba and get one by now they would have been gone by the time you get there anyways. i was down the second week of January and bought 2 boxes. there was 28 boxes at parque central and they where flying off the shelves 1 box and two boxes at a time. Would I be considered a pig for buying two and not leaving one behind for someone else

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