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  1. rob i am very sorry to hear about this. i remember when you posted youtube videos of cohiba. memories like that may help ease the heartache. rick
  2. hated to see how close the flooding got to you all. praying everyone stays safe since staying dry looks a little out of the question! rick
  3. kids, that is some crazy dust storm! we kinda get an odd effect at sundown during a Cali fire-smoky red sunsets. carry on, aussies! rick
  4. » » » I would like to thank the FOH academy, Ken "the human adjective" Gargett » and the illustrious El Presidente.... » » This one is for you Mom! "you like me, you really like me..."
  5. great review on a great cigar! and i actually understood the violet crumble reference. my daughter has been the oz and raved about violet crumbles. rick
  6. » It is from a KIWI perspective and Likely outside of Australia/New » Zealand/Seth won't understand a bloody thing.......but it is » Friken hilarious » you're right. couldn't understand a thing but it was pretty dang funny! rick
  7. congrats rob, et al so who won the lottery for picking the date you hit 2K? rick
  8. nice review and i shall be on the look out i had a divino while vacationing in sydney on vancouver island. great little powerhouse after dinner. rick
  9. welcome lady di i will use your sister to get any necessary intel n you! ;-) good call on not posting a picture, they will be using the image as currency in prisons. rick

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