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  1. Mel come back....its been 11 years.........

  2. I can not help by telling why the Prez is right about the two sizes but I attest that he is correct. I heard the word boring above and agree with that assesment of both cigars. I love the Principe and had a LaPunta that knocked my socks off a few weeks back.
  3. "Taste Quality" oh do explain please.LOL Where on the tongue are the recepticles for that?? Sour, salt, bitter, sweet, spicy, earthy ect. I do understand these but WTF does quality taste like???LOL The original question was about money or cost and quality is many times independant of the first. Come on lets play.
  4. #1 Mistake thinking EL meant better cigars. #2 Assuming one good box of cigars will be follewed by an equal one on the next purchase of the same marca and vitola. Cost does not equal quality and each cigar is an individual. One box may have duds and stellars and not all boxes are the same. I now cut and examine all cigars before leaving the house. How many times have I been disgusted by a tight or otherwise poor cigar.
  5. Expensive cigars are just that. Cost is no indicator of quality or flavor. I bought and smoked a $100 45y/o Don Candido and did it just to experience it and do a tasting with some friends. I liked it and do not regret doing it once but I do not need to again. I have had six dollar smokes that I enjoyed more. Last night I smoked a Taboada Super Rodolpho a Santos Cananazo and a Mons Robusto Extra Lijero. I am not proud of the cost of those cigars but a fellow that offered to give me a Behike cancelled us out so I thought I'll be damned if I don't have some great cigars tonight. I took those sticks and went dove hunting with a buddy and had a great time smoking and shooting. Oh more to the question, the answer is NO you can not taste money in a cigar.
  6. I have a plactic cheap case that holds four, several leather ones that hold four to ten and a larger caddy that will hold thirtry or more if you take out some of the foam inserts. I make sure I come home with unsmoked cigars, heaven forbid running out of smokes.
  7. I am not a Sancho Panzo fan but to call a cigar a "Non Plus"??????????? The name clearly anounces that it is a crappy cigar. Is that not the worst name for a cigar ever?
  8. I prefer Cuban cigars but will smoke a NC as the mood hits. My marca of dissapointment in Punch. Only the SS#2 has anything for me and they canned it.
  9. Let me sell you three more boxes and see if you come across any good ones. I pull out a Genio when time for a cigar could be cut short and if I have to discard it early I fee lI have only lost money not a good smoke.
  10. PSP2 never had one better than boring. I could fall asleep during one of these. Cohiba Genios what a joke(not funny). Poor for yard gars even.
  11. Shorts win by the smallest of margins. Or flip a coin and there will be no mistake.LOL
  12. Carp is a trash fish here as well. Strange to think one would think very highly of one. Some guys shoot them with bows during the spring spawn and I think it is the only fish allowed to be shot.LOL
  13. The Hoyo that Rob are referring to are the 04 EL and when they came out he was high as hell on them urging me to not buy two boxes but SEVEN! HaHa. I bought two and think they are ok but not in the bottom three. I have not gone for all the EL and Regional crap so I have not smoked alot of what has been cursed on but I bet if I had I would agree. The Cohiba Maduro line is a total mistake. I mean hell how are you going to better a CoRo or Espy?????? The Partagas P2 do NOT taste like any Partagas and I wanted to love them like another poster mentioned but alas more helpings of **** does not improve the taste of ****. R&J Short Belicoso. Thank God I only have one left. Talk about a yard gar that taste like nothing. Ball-less waste of lighter fluid.
  14. #2 has the best length to girth ratio and fewer construction problems than the other two. I have not found then blend very different between the three so it is more a size issue.

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