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  1. Good seeing the Canadian folks repping tonight on zoom, the Heredero also helped ?
  2. The Matusalen and the cigars paired with it were amazing, great pics bro. Although you could of waited for me to recover from the car fumes before snapping the picture in the Chevy lmao.
  3. Another highly enjoyable trip with the boys, and some mind blowing cigars we've had the good fortune to try. On top of it all, I got to find my "Dante's". Too bad I ran out of space...
  4. Gotta agree with Tom, Esp #2 are fantastic. Had both and prefer the elegant profile of the smaller vitola.
  5. Love that photo. Anyone end up getting the DVD of the dinner from the photographer/videographer at the Partagas factory the next day? Would like to get that pic framed up.
  6. I was thinking of grabbing one of those nice Humidors like Enis but I had already smoked all the La China's by then. Lol. Great pic's guys.
  7. The Punch and the Infantes were really the highlight for me last week. Two opposite ends of the spectrum, one in your face and bold the latter smooth and elegant.
  8. Couple pics of my fav humidor and the Tropicana show at the Gala CLosing dinner.
  9. LOL. Yes, the Canadian contingent is heavily vested in Infantes.
  10. They are excellent IMO Andy, smoked through a full box easily over the last week in Havana. That's saying something considering what was available to me over the this last week. I hope the boxes we purchased last. There are a handful to be found at the varadero airport but they are going fast.
  11. Nice shots Frank, great time hanging out with the some new gents this time. Art and Marc were getting boring with all their smoking and such.
  12. They are probably going to be significantly more and probably in higher demand than he LGC RE Jar. Im guessing if the LGC'S were going for $1000+ online($250 CUC in Cuba), these will be $1500 plus. Too rich for my blood.

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