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  1. A VR Unico while cooking steaks on the grill... My pointer in the background... She thinks it's go time;)
  2. Fantastic pickup... You are in for a treat! I had a 10er from a friends box of TEB 08... They did not last long...
  3. Love a cask strength bourbon Manhattan paired with a Partagas...
  4. Please share some pics brother[emoji106] [emoji3]
  5. Johnny O's and any NC's I have left... Smoke just fine. It makes the chore of mowing the lawn half fun...
  6. 2008 Siglo VI's and and a 50/cab of 2008 Partagas Shorts
  7. 2013 POU RyJ Ex No.4 that lasted almost two hours. Wished it would never end...
  8. Couldn't agree more... Both have been very good since 2013.
  9. 2004 Cohiba Esplendido 2011 Cohiba 1966 LE 2005 Punch RS 11 2003 Partagas de Partagas No.1 2002 Partagas Lonsdale (50 cab)

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