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  1. 1492 Humidor with a few sticks missing. Figured I'd find a full one at some point...sigh.
  2. This is very interesting. It is so elaborate - the planning to accomplish all of this, and to what end? The packaging looks reminiscent of how raw tobacco may have been packaged for an ocean voyage.
  3. The small book "Cubatabaco - Luxurious Cabinets" from 1971 shows: 100 count: The Presidencial, the Partagas Assorted Humidor, the Especial 125 count: The Joyero I'm assuming there were/are still 100 count diplomatic boxes, in addition to the 50 count ones.
  4. That is some tremendous packaging, that should be revived for special run.
  5. Picked this box of Don Alejandro's up a few years ago, out of curiosity. Never did get around to even opening them. Maybe now?
  6. I've seen this before - incorporated into magic acts as a distraction. Doesn't seem as common these days. The one I'm sorry I missed out on was this guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Pétomane Now that would be some kinda act! I'm thinking half-time at the Superbowl!
  7. Charlie Chaplin - The Final Speech from "The Great Dictator"
  8. Here is an interesting Romeo y Julietta box with a glass viewing window. Sold by Grunebaum and Sons of Piccadilly who proudly billed themselves as "Cigar Merchants to His Majesty, The King". Also mentioned in the Churchill archives in a letter from 1909 inquiring about his bill.
  9. Tough to date most of these One is a Romeo y Julietta Churchill, assumed to be pre-revolution. Tube was originally sealed with cloth tape. Marked on tube "Romeo y Julieta, S.A., Havana." The second tube is a H. Upmann Coronas Major in a cardboard tube labeled "Provisional War Packaging." Assumed to be WWII era. In the second photo is a Hoyo de Monterrey "Monterrey". The cedar sheet inside is dated "1956" with some note on the person who gifted it. Cuban tax stamp on the cigar, under the band. Third photo is a couple of Partagas Visible Inmensos that I've shared some pi

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