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  1. Money goes away faster with the 24:24, everyday has great deals!
  2. More numbers and less questions... You guys are veering off course here..
  3. Great shop, was there last year, helpful and friendly. Selection is good too, they have some aged stuff and most LEs. If you're looking for some 1966s I saw at least 10 boxes there, going for 1000+ bucks a pop..
  4. SLR Serie A RUL abr'13 Surprisingly tasty! Would definitely be grabbing another box of these.
  5. Lol, there's always that guy... Strider you're one of them.. Anyone know where the 48:48 sale is...?
  6. Wondering if the embargo get lifted and habanos flows into us, will this drive down the price of NC in the US? half price Padrons..?

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