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  1. Try freezing the lighter and warming the gas up under your arm pit, then when you do the fill it transfers super fast and has less chance of a 'wobble' happening.
  2. Nah, I dont do it, not a pleasant experience. I all ways thought the guys that smoked cigarettes first then moved onto cigars did it. Out of Habit?
  3. I got my dad one years ago, chinas finest 😉
  4. Its the spit of LotusGuys, just a little more buffed lol. I will have a look later, see if I have a pic of the other one.
  5. Nice Lighter, it dont mean a thing if it aint got that ping. I have a couple, a table Line 2 with the double burner in silver and a normal size rose gold Line 2 with a double burner. Love them both, use the table one every day and it is getting very old! Still holds gas and lights like a boss. The gold one is 'My precious'.
  6. I went for a box of each, but its a 3 day weekend for me, sooooo might get spendy if I'm near my keyboard too long. what if there really good? what if they sell out? what if the blend changes never to be seen again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTGdAGPDBpo
  7. I dont smoke NC's, tried a few, then decided to stop wasting my monies. But I have been a member here for years now and never been steered wrong, so Pres, shut up and take my monies. Again. Edit, I joined in 2012! Bugger me time flies.
  8. A fellow Joe owner! I tend not to cook it, not mad keen on it for some reason. Salt and pepper is a staple texas rub for it though and those guys know.
  9. That was a good looking short, good old prez.😀

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