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  1. im well into my 18 stash now, no issues so far.
  2. N1 is the one for me, lovely long cigar, feels great, tastes better. Having to stop myself reaching for them. The N3s im giving more time, the camel house hasn't gone yet.
  3. Delilah and Dot, Cavs, they take turns coming for a smoke with me, if they see a cigar in my hand there is a que for a space on my lap instantly.
  4. yeah smoke it, then decide what to do with the others.
  5. Buy 2-3 Boxes a month for a year or two, then a box a month from then on, you will have a nice constantly aging stock even if you smoke 1 a day.
  6. I have a few, they all ping differently. I have one that just sounds awful, but is a real L2. I have decided to service that one myself, I have the o-ring kit and im making the extraction tool. Apparently the lid comes off all together so when I re-build it the sound may sort the sound may come back. Theres plenty of info online. 2k was a good deal.
  7. did a pair of chickens on mine for tea last night, dreamy, didnt think chicken would be this good just simply having it spin round, but it is!

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