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  1. Buy 2-3 Boxes a month for a year or two, then a box a month from then on, you will have a nice constantly aging stock even if you smoke 1 a day.
  2. I have a few, they all ping differently. I have one that just sounds awful, but is a real L2. I have decided to service that one myself, I have the o-ring kit and im making the extraction tool. Apparently the lid comes off all together so when I re-build it the sound may sort the sound may come back. Theres plenty of info online. 2k was a good deal.
  3. did a pair of chickens on mine for tea last night, dreamy, didnt think chicken would be this good just simply having it spin round, but it is!
  4. I have had this one for a good few years now, needs a little birthday to replace the gaskets and broken het deflectors but other then that its brilliant! Lives outside uncovered all year and gets used all year. Can smoke for 24hrs no problem with no adjustments. Love it.
  5. I get this, but not every year, wonder if its a different breed? The heat coming off the swelling could cook an egg.
  6. The wobbly serial number, colored paint in the fill cap, and the ping. I have a good few now and use them all, silver table lighter daily, the wife got me a rose gold line 2 and its just stunning, if your into it. The Maxi Jets are good and tough as well, I like the brand.
  7. I rock a Kamodo Joe, love it to bits. I like the 3-2-1 method for ribs. Its all a bit like cigars, try a bit of everything and see whats good for you. Theres lots of good stuff on the net but stick to simple stuff. Pork shoulder, rub of choice, in the smoker at 225f for as long as it needs, take it out at 205f, rest it in foil in a cool bag for a couple of hours, pull and eat. Not so keen on smoked beef.
  8. Ha cheers Phillys, not that old, 90s child, one of the very last ones.
  9. Read this thread over lunch, thought I would have one of these, Christmas present from the wife a few years back. 3rd one out the box and I still dont like them lol. 7 to go 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. I tried them last year, bloody awful, passed the rest on to the family 😉

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