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  1. The PL variation band for UK regionals is a thing to behold on a full box.
  2. por larranaga montecarlos, 5 boxes if your lucky, while you make it through these 125 you will also appreciate what age does to a cigar. Also you will see the differences in taste from box to box. Alot of 'experience' for your dollar!
  3. I have a early la pavoni europiccola, love it to bits. I have tried lots of online roasters, not keen on any yet, the only beans I do go back to is lucaffe, lovely stuff.
  4. I fly the same airline to Turkey every year, on the way out it needs to be in my case, on the way back it needs to be in my hand luggage. Same plane, same staff. The airport decides on the rule. Ass hats, the lot of them.
  5. I use one of these daily, left it outside for a year (still used daily) when I first got it and the blade went rusty, took it to bits and it is just a super cheap blade been angle grinded to fit the mechanism. Still, I cleaned it up, whet stoned the blade and been going strong for years now. Probably due another birthday as it does like to leave a little behind now and again. Love it though.
  6. Yes I found this as well. Tubes concentrate the cigar for longer.
  7. That is different types of turkish balaclava, the green nuts are pistachios, made with tons of honey, dreamy!
  8. All looks great, that butt looks gooooooooood. Im a Kamado Joe owner and proud, great BBQ with great lifetime warranty.
  9. My recent holiday had one rule on the way out and a different rule on the way back. Same bloody airline!!!
  10. She had 10hrs of back surgery, fingers crossed for her.
  11. That bugger wont work lol. I have had my kamado joe for a few years now, love it to bits, A++ in BBQ world.

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