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  1. Chas- We all have to put down our swords; if we do, we will no longer be divided. An authoritative and trustworthy government is not my concern, however. But I can control what I think and offer to others.
  2. The times that we live in have a material effect on our psyche, yes, but we need to separate that from the Greater Good that is being affected: job loss, sickness and, for many, passing. What I take away from this year is that my "happiness" is immaterial. What has turned out to be most important is helping others. I find that service to others covers all my personal needs now.
  3. Ah, grasshopper, you have much to learn from your father regarding psychology....
  4. Those gentlemen, and many like them, have had the advantage of living in countries in which there is very little processed food. Although there may not be studies done, we don't, as consumers, know what harmful ingredients are contained within those packages. When you are eating fresh farm vegetables, lettuce and meat, there has to be an advantage that in turn helps the aging process. A lack of pesticides, GMO's and the like would, I believe, make a difference. Who knows what heavy metal particulates are contained in foods (or in the food processing)? We do our bodies no favors by ingesting the crap that we casually pass off as "food". I am surprised that we live to 30. It may be that cigars are negating the harmful effects of the other stuff we ingest.😀
  5. We all tend to have a facility for one particular subject or other. Prez, this one is not yours 😆 I prefer to leave all tech questions and issues to my 12-year old neighbor. Years ago, I had a friend who was a call center rep for a well-known computer laptop manufacturer. One woman, with whom he spent an hour with diagnosing why she had a black screen, finally had worn his patience to the breaking point. When, in frustration, he said "its plugged in, right?" and she replied that she had wondered what that particular cord was for, he said "do you still have the box that it came in?" "Yes." "Good. Send the computer back to us and we will refund your money, because you are too f**king stupid to own a computer". Needless to say, he was job-hunting the next day......
  6. For RASS, A is a no-brainer for me. I like the shiny stuff.
  7. I read, twice daily, the Reuters news feed on the internet. That is all. Why only that one? It is about as unbiased a feed as there is, as it focuses mainly on worldwide geopolitical and business news specifics. It is impossible for me to watch the "mainstream" news as it is too biased, on one side of the aisle or the other. TV? No way. Cable? Same. I am an Independent and, as such, see benefits of both major parties offerings. In my 70 years of life, I have seen only one piece of significant legislation that did not infringe on someone's (regardless of party) rights or violate Universal Law; The Civil Rights Act. Everything else has been some variation on a theme of samo-samo. 74 million voted for a con man and TV host; 78 million voted for a man that has never had a job other than politics; we deserve exactly what we choose.
  8. Those in the Beltway realize that, regardless of political affiliation, the party continues. This is a business, and regardless of who is in the White House, the game continues. This is just 3-card monte on a bigger stage.....
  9. Well said regarding this: "...I can guarantee you the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg wouldn't be seen dead in Birmingham,.." Get used to seeing him, as he will be the PM when Boris is done.
  10. For about a 10-year span, during the First Gulf War, I was dogged with the most ungodly smelling, but extremely quiet, wind. Cutting the cheese was something that I took to art form level. I would get on a crowded elevator and get off at the same time that I let one loose. My friends nicknamed me Scud.
  11. This is an easy subject to answer, but if you want the proof of what I say here you must do research. I work with some of the low-key regulatory agencies, and this is what they taught me. The City of London (the 1 sq. mile that is the financial district) has been the home of financial transactions relating to war, usurpation and underhanded nation-state dealings around the world. They have been immune from prosecution (when it was occasionally proved) because they have a charter from 1652 signed by The King. It was negotiated by the OG Rothschild scion. In that perpetual lease is contained immunity from prosecution (and the Crown gets a 5% commission on all transactions). These are the same fine, upper-crust folks that brought you the concept of fractional banking, credit default swaps, CDO's and bundled mortgages. The whole City, as well as the surrounding area, are rife with treachery, scandal and rigging (Hello, LIBOR !) . They own the govt., the monarchy and The Bank of England (which is privately owned, as is the Fed Bank). The UK joined the EU for one very simple reason; the UK and the EU decided that, as a hedge against either area being pulled down financially, there needed to be a domicile where all speculative financial transactions could be parked (with the parking country playing along by offering tax incentives and getting a cut). That country was N. Ireland. But the Brits had to get N. Ireland to stop "the troubles". Enter the Good Friday Agreements, which was really more of a contract than a peace deal. N. Ireland, as a part of the EU now, was essentially "ring fenced" in order to hold the now $137 TRILLION in paper assets that are called "derivatives". There is no way that these debts could be covered if it all goes south. When the mortgage crisis hit, it was the N. Ireland offices of Bear Stearns and Barclays that could not cover the underwater mortgages when the Chinese govt. called to cash out their position, so they simply transferred the debt to the U.S. branches when those loans were called. This, then, started a chain reaction with other banks. The Great Recession followed. In 2015, the UK decided that they no longer wanted part of the massive exposure to the above mentioned debt, as it was truly out of control. They decided to stick the EU with all of it. Hence, the Leave campaign. Lovely country with truly wonderful people. But the City has destroyed their own countrymen and those of other countries worldwide, as well. To those of you whom live on the outside of the city, you have my deepest condolences.

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