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  1. Hope its ok to post this here, but just wondering if any melbourne people know a good hotel to stay at for the F1 a lot has already booked out so just going to grab something in the city and tram/bus to the track. Any help would be great. thanks
  2. Wow incredible documentary, it was the year i was born. Crazy what those men did for there country
  3. Sunday 6th of December Brisbane time 7pm Reserved for Aussie/Euro members Keen if there is still room
  4. I disagree Massa only had one line to of the pits Hulkenburg saw him and could have avoided the contact and still passed Massa as he was on cold tyres. Good race though
  5. Will be hard for storm to keep going with all the injuries, good game though
  6. Anything with a car after 9am in alexandria is a no go. Everyone comes in to get a coffee and breakfast and the roads turn to car parks.
  7. You will open the letter box one day and have baby spiders all over your mail. Which iam sure you will close the lid and just walk away. I live in the middle of sydney and my garden which consists of a few pot plants still brings in the odd huntsman

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