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  1. 1/3 Apple juice 2/3 sparkling water and teas coffee is king, but i mostly smoke at Night and dont drink coffee after dinner
  2. Most of the cigars I had om my last visit was disappointing when smoked there. There tend to be an agressive AC in many places that makes them too dry - freshrolled is often too moist. However what I picked up at villa conde nueva was good as an exception
  3. I miss, when going to other countries, food and drinks would be different from back home. Now you will see the excact same icecreams, sodas etc most places. that goes for a lot of other items, constructions and ways of arranging shopping etc
  4. Bit of data to add: Had a couple of boxes from 2010 in 2016 that was glorious. Smoking from a 2008 box atm that is nowhere near. But i dont think it is due to age, as much as quality of the given boxes.
  5. Cohiba lancero. Picked up as a single on spain: old band - likely more than ten years. Actually my first lancero ever. Truely great
  6. Hupc was a stable along the bpc - wonder if that could suffer same faith fingers crossed for slr dc
  7. Trini vigia is a good deal in cuba if they are to be found
  8. Garden shed - works for me. For my friends less so
  9. Around 20 - goes up end down edit: more like 30 at a closer thought I will always want more, bur really its sustains my consumption

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