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  1. Yet we have seen altidis selling through pcc for a while🙃 Been shopping in Berlin and Hamburg this autumn, and when it comes to cohiba, trinidad and larger formats in general it was the same situation - hope they’re piling up in Havana, just about to flood the markets 🤗 Found half box of RA Sir Henry and some hdm dc - other than that mostly smaller formats
  2. Had a quick look at the internet and see it’s available from a handfull of stores here in denmark - priced from 25 usd and up - gotta give it a shot 🤤
  3. Perfect draw with 2-3 different sized punch cutters, buildt into something like a fountain pen
  4. Hope for a tsunami once they have their channels open again 🤗
  5. Saw a beautyfull Patek Phillip Watch in Istanbul at $2500 dont wear watches, but If it might be that one.
  6. Love to buy singles of what i dont have - tend to smoke them with more awareness, since it’s just a one shot thing
  7. Luckily there’s a lot of cigars thats ready rott, but doesnt degrade from aging. Juan Lopez nr 2, ryj short Churchill, pl pc would be examples in that category as far as ive experienced
  8. Boxes of ryj Churchill, mag 46 and a pl pc cab and a Nice rum for whats left if supply allowed It would have been a cab of slr dc, maybe some winnies
  9. All that massive hoarding over the years makes sense for once 🤗
  10. Looking at it in that perspective i might over all have a few too many as well
  11. Outside of havanna lcdh Berlin has been a favourite. Better selection some years back though. Lounge as well as tables out in front. Drinks and meals
  12. Partagas chico! im alone with the kids, so found something that matched the time slot available - Nice for what it is

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