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  1. Both very good. Too bad I only bought 30. I like the format a lot, and would wish all brands had a carlota
  2. Was in two cigar shops on varadero. Was cheated ti pay way too much in the first one and they tried to overcharge me - cant blame them I guess - but it annoys me. So you might want to Watch out
  3. friends of hoarding friends of the leaf Fraternity of habana cigars forum for cigar fiends
  4. Haven't had them, but Bought a bunch of the robusto selection boxes on Cuba back in 2011 and they where great. Seemed to me that where better quality than the ordinary production - and at 35 usd at the time, that was a fine Price for a coro, hdme2 ryj sc, special monte robusto and a partagas d4 good to hear the petit robustos is quality as Well
  5. Well, I love cigars, and when having a cigar often a drink to go with it - but even though I enjoy ir, I dont see it as part of super healthy lifestyle , that I want to pass on - but that is problably a matter of tradition and different culture how that is perceived. The most likely way to have my kids catch interest in cigars would problably be if they started smoking cigarettes - and at the same time cigarette smoking could be a potential outcome of smoking cigars that I wouldnt want for anyone. hope that doesnt offend anyone but though i have a liking for both cigars and alcohol I wouldnt push it on anyone. Plan to buy my kids fishing poles, so they can share one of my other hobbies 😊
  6. My lanceros had a long trip before it landed in my humi, so they might have been a little stressed when rott had a rosado few days after they landed - perfect construction, but the flavours where a little off and It burned hot - ecpext them to improve after a little rest - really loved the 2019(?) Lanceros - and they werent quite in the zone at first either
  7. Well if you used to pay less.. here in denmark we pay about 2,47 usd pr liter - Witch is somewhat more than before - but 5 usd a gallon was the price before 1980 dont know if you can find any comfort in that
  8. Had partagas shorts that was a little too harsh first couple of months, but great after some months. Like them better fairly young than really aged rass can be great from early on too
  9. They’re all good. Smoking rott the galanes have worked out the best. have never had a chance to age galanes, but i expect them to age well
  10. Congrats on the wedding. Phuket sounds like a wonderfull place to enjoy your honey moon. Cant recommend anything specific though, was too busy enjoying the beach and the local food when I was there, to really go anywhere
  11. But hey! - not all nudies was ment to leave Europe 🤭
  12. Zacapa 23 or eldorado 15 has worked well - can be pricy if not on sale though. im sure many wouldnt ever consider but ive appriciated Dark n stormy based on the Dark capain Morgan
  13. Prices pretty much two times what it was in 2012 - in usd - meantime usd vs dkk (my currency) has gone up 25 pct as well - if only my wages rose eaqually… Anyway, smoke a fifth today compared to then - so no biggie really. No real need to buy for a number of years, beside the entertainment of the act, as ive bought way too much earlier
  14. Induction is the best. almost as fast as gas, much easier to clean and once you remove the pot, it will turn off after little while - so no risk of fire or burning yourself because you forgot it was on.
  15. Why would habanos even care about filling up retailers reserve stock -if they can sell what they produce. If they can make people pay more and still sell the same volume, that would make sense, but dont understand why they should raise prices with a purpose of not selling. What do I know - would seem odd though
  16. My sense of smell is also gone since a few days - cross my fingers.. ive been wondering if it could change ones preferences if sense of smell comes back with little alterations? Might suddenly like / dislike new things
  17. Had an aged robusto a few years back that was way up there - besides that specific cigar, cohiba is just as good many other brands. Were all brands priced the same, I would smoke more. Cohibas than I do now, but would probably reach for other brands more often
  18. From current stock i’ll have a good cigar, not an epic - they go fast

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