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  1. Hi Ken Hope you are keeping well. An all star line up there. Who supplies the wines? Is it BYO? Also what's the general view on Burgundy in light of ever increasing prices? Are folks in AUS still buying EP in the same way? Best G
  2. I have three boxes of cigars in my desktop. Upmann Monarchs (47RG) so just flies under PSD4(50RG) BBF (52RG - but I always snip at maybe 42/44RG
  3. If a cigar is too nicotine light, chew a nicorette at the same time!
  4. Killer nicotine hits I can remember included a young siglo ii (almost unsmokeable). I think a lot depends upon what you have eaten. With a full belly and a whisky or two my tolerance and enjoyment is very different to smoking on an empty stomach.
  5. My local B&M in central London charges a £tenner - no need for me to patronize them. I get mine online in volume from a well known vendor.
  6. 50 in the humi and 25 en route. To those who have uncountable quantities, what is your overall long term strategy? Smoke some of them (all might never happen) /sell / leave to persons named in your will ?
  7. Ken, it is a fun read, but let's face it, Adam Voges is ancient and can't have that much cricket left in him, and lots of his scores - especially his biggest, were scored against below-par sides such as the Windies. Well done to him but if he could say get 50 tests under his belt (if his age allows) then the average would start to mean a bit more. If he was a serious no.2 to Bradman then he would have been selected far early in his career and gone on to properly stake his place amongst cricket's greatest.
  8. Maybe it was a show of "parenting bravado" so that the dad can show how much he cares and try to impress his other half. Either way misplaced and dangerous response from him letting off steam. People who get mad sometimes underestimate who they get mad with. My wife always tells me to back down in any situation, but does the aggressor have any idea what I can do if I go nuts!!!
  9. Just catching up with this thread, what a great read, and fantastic all behaved well despite opposing points of view. I wonder what Liz really thinks about "ruling" over so many peoples. In a way it doesn't matter and our (British) constitution doesn't allow for her to express her free thoughts anyway. But i think being from the generation that lived through World War II, she will know of the importance of the strong bonds of those who fought and died alongside each other and that it would seem a shame to chip away at it. That said that those strong historical bonds extend beyond the common
  10. Personally PSdC#1's, H Upmann Monarchs and Dip#5's.
  11. Loved this thread and so good from an educational point of view to see a vertical. Wine writers do them all the time but seldom do cigar reviewers. You are a credit to this forum. Thanks indeed - and RASS are amongst my favouritw ever smokes - I had a box of the 06's with the same box code but smoked them all inside a year as they were too good.
  12. Anyone know how an aged monarch compares with an aged SW? Only had the monarchs in tubos (with quite a few years on them)and never the SW. Cheers
  13. Lonsdales and thevlike are great. I despair at the increasing number of jaw dislocating wide girth chomps that are even in excess of 52RG. IMO no need for anything thicker, it is unbecoming of Cuban cigar heritage and very much a trait if NC sticks. I understand that they do it for commercial reasons but plain wrong!
  14. Rob - soz not here much - anyway - I heard rumours in London about Dip 2's being discontinued and I am sure I have read about other lines under threat such as trinis and VR. Any substance in any of this?

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